Monday, 30 May 2011

OOTD: Jeggings and Crop top

Hey Loves <3
First of all I would like to make a HUGE apology for not posting for over a week. I had the most terrible toothache for about five days. On Saturday I finally went to the dentist and got a tooth pulled and a root canal!! It is still aching though, even more then before :( I hope it starts feeling better and I don't have to go back to the dentist for more work. I hate the dentist!! I get so nervous sitting in that chair I feel like I'm gonna puke!! Anyways I have an OOTD today. Tomorow I will be posting my giveaway :) Hope you all will like!! Soooooo........

♥♥Crop Top: Sirens
♥♥Jeggings: Urban Behaviour♥♥HeadBand: Forever21


Friday, 20 May 2011

Obsession of the Week

Hey girly's <3
Hope your all having a great Friday. I took Ava to the zoo today for the first time!! It was so fun to see her reaction to some of the animals!! So cute!! I've missed my "Obsession of the Week" post for a couple of weeks but am going to try and keep doing it from now on!! Soooooo this weeks obsession is: Caffiene!!

I've only been getting about four hours sleep at night lately so I have been consuming ridiculous amounts of caffiene! Coffee is my favourtie but I am also really bad for drinking lots of diet coke and energy drinks. As soon as I start getting back into my sleeping routine I want to stop drinking so much caffiene because it's just so bad for you!! Do any of you have this terrible habit as well??


Thursday, 19 May 2011

I went Shopping!!

Hey Dolls <3
Only one more day till the long weekend!! Who's excited?! I'm definetely am looking forward to it although I have heard that it is supposed to rain :( Nooooo!! I hope the weather man is wrong!! I was looking through my closet yesterday and found all my summer dresses and am so looking forward to wearing them. So the weather better stay nice or I'll be quiet upset!! Bring on the sunshine!! On the weekend I went shopping for some spring-y tops and panties. Woot-Woot!!
I used the gift cards I got for Easter from my momma<3

I got this absoluetly darling pale pink floral blouse. It was only $20 from Sakura

I usually buy Sakura clothes so I don't know if these are new bags or not but aren't they adorable?

I have been wanting a crop top for a while now and am very pleased with this!! It is perfect for summer!! I picked it up at Sirens for $16!!

They had atop just like this that I really wanted at Old Navy but I didn't get it because it was $30 (Yes, I know I'm extremely cheap) This one is exactly the same but I got it for only $10 at Sirens!!

I also picked up some t-shirts from Sirens. They are just plain v-neck t-shirts with pockets on the chest area. Exciting hey?! Two for seven dollars though!! Isn't that great!!

La Senza was having a great sale on cotton panties 8 pairs for $25!! They had so many cute patterns!!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Goals For Spring

Hello my sweets
Hope your all having a good start to your weeks!! Mine is busy busy!! But who really is not busy now a days??Right?? Hereès the list of the most important things I need to accomplish in the next month or so...

                                                 ♥1. Stay on top of house cleaning
I am SO bad for leaving laundry & cleaning until I have to devote an entire day to cleaning. If I do a little bit everyday I know I can eliminate this!! I do the same with taking stuff out of my car!!
                                                  ♥2. Drinking more tea compared to coffee
Lately I have been drinking way too much coffee!! I am pretty new to drinking coffee so I can only imagine what it is going to progress to. I would like to start drinking more green tea and stick to ONE cup of coffee a day!!
                                                 ♥3. Work out 2-3 times a week ATLEAST
I find it SO hard to worjout now that I have a 4 month old baby. My boyfriend works long hours so I donèt really have the opportunity to go to the gym. So I need to push myself to do workout videos go for walks or jogs.
                                                 ♥4.Get a tan
I have been looking at old pictures of myself and I had so much color!! I am half Native half Polish so I have a bit of a natural tan. But I swear I am fading!! So I want to try and get a nice golden tan by summer!!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

100 Follower Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Hey Loves,
This week I realized that I had 100 followers!! YAY!! I thought this would be the perfect reason to have a giveaway!! You all mean so much to me so I wanted to give something back to you!! I am just waiting for a few things I ordered online and then I will be making my official post so Stay-Tuned!!


Friday, 13 May 2011

Mini Nail Polish Haul

Hey loves,

How are you all doing? Good I hope!! I was planning to do this post yesterday but it wouldn't let me sign in all day and it deleted comments on my page :S were you all having the same problem?? Hopefully it was just me!! This week has gone by SO fast my goodness! This was my first week back to school and I'm already stressing!! I love the idea of condensed classes but it really is so stressfull!! Oh well I will just have to suck it up for six weeks!! Anyways while I was grocery shopping I picked up a few nail polishes. I call it a "mini haul" because compared to other bloggers hauls it is tiny but in reality this is a normal size haul for me! I've seen lots of bloggers who will buy an entrie collection of makeup in one trip but I just won't do that! Anyways here is what I got:
From left to right: Revlons Scented Cotton Candy, Revlons Scented Peach Smoothie, and Milanis Fresh Teal
                                    Milanis Fresh Teal I've never heard of Milania Cosmetics before I saw them in Superstore. I haven`t been able to find them anywhere else eather. I wasn`t sure what to expect from them but I thought I would give them a try anways. I was quiet pleased that I did cause I really love this color!! It is a lovely teal color that pops out at you!! The formula was a dream to work with!! It was creamy and so pigmented! This with only ONE coat!! Can`t get much better then that!! The only complaint I do have about this nail polish is how the color really does not match the bottle color. The bottle looks more green then the blue-ish teal that is on my fingers!! Oh well I love it eather way.
                          Revlons Scented Peach Smoothie
I finally got my hands on Peach Smoothie!! I have been lusting over this color for a little over a month and finally got it! I am so pleased that I did I am simply in love with this color!! Pretty sure I am going to be sporting it all summer long!! I didn`t buy this for the scent at all but I must say it was an added bonus. I thought having my nails smell would be a little strange but they smell delicous!! And they smell way stronger then I thought they would. Now even though I absolutely love this color I have a lot of complaints. I always find Revlon nail polishes are a bit on the runny side which makes them look streaky. The brush they give you is very small too. If you can out up with a difficult application then I would recomend it!

                 Revlons Scented Cotton Candy
One word: Yummy!! You will want to eat your nails it smells that good!! I`m in love with this color it is the nicest pale pink ever!! Like Peach Smoothie it is quiet difficult to apply. But I really think the color is worth the hard application!! It really bugs me that the Revlons have such a terrible formula because they have so many great colors coming out recently. It really does discourage me from buying more :(

Have you had problems with Revlon nail polishes too? Or am I just being too picky?


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Outfit of the Day

Hey dolls <3
Here is my outfit of the day:
Pink Floral dress: Urban-Planet 
Platform Sandals: Army and Navy which I did a post about here

Hope you all have a lovely day!!

My Weekend

Hey hunnie buns <3
Here's a few pics from my weekend!!

                                          On my way out for drinks :)
                                  I made my bestie a cake for her b-day!

                                    Mothers day home-made card lol

                                          Presents for my momma!!

                                            She loved her new bras!!

                       & little miss Ava dressed like Strawberry Shortcake!!

I hope you all got to spend the weekend with your mothers!! I love spoiling my mom this time of year!! She deserves it SO much!! I hope me and Ava can have a relationship like me and my mom have :) Happy Mothers day to all the great momma's out there!!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sorry :(

Hey dolls <3
I'm so sorry for my lack of posting!! This weekend has been really crazy and I had company the whole time! And it would be kinda rude to sit on my computer while people are over lol. Today I went back to school so for the last two days I've been leaving a million post it's EVERYWHERE on AVA's  stuff so Grant knows exactly what she needs and when!! This is the first time he's been left alone with her longing then 15 minutes and I'm kinda freaking out....just a little!! Anyways I'm on my way out the door to my afternoon class but I just wanted to let you all know I will be back later tonight with a REAL post lol Sorry!! Love you all!!


Friday, 6 May 2011

New Platforms!!

Hello my sugar plums...

Hope you all had a fantastic day. I just wanted to share my new shoes with you all!! I've seen so many platforms around lately and wanted to get some of my own. Tomorow I am going out for the first time in over a YEAR so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to get some!! Army and Navy were having their anual shoe sale and I got these puppies for only $15!! Which was just another reason why I had to scoop them up!!

                              What do you all think??

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cherry Blossom Body Products

Hey Dolls,
When I was house-sitting on the weekend I found a little thank you present from my friend. It was this lovely gist basket full of yummy lotions and bath products! They were all Cherry Blossom scented which I LOVE!! It's smells so yummy!!
What I got:
                                                       ❤ Cherry Blossom Bath Salts
                                                        ❤ Lufa
                                                  ❤Cherry Blossom Body Souffle
                                      ❤ Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

                                                ❤Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
                                                   ❤Cherry Blossom Body Butter, my fave!!

I've only tried the body butter and the lotion and love them both :) I'm addicted to yummy lotions and body butters though!! I'm not sure what body souffle is though?? Is it lotion or like something to pour in the bath? Not sure...I'm looking forward to taking a nice long bath and using these bath salts though!!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

NYC Lipgloss

Hello my suragplums <3
Hope your all enjoying your Tuesdays. Can you believe its already May?! It seriously feels like just yesterday was Christmas!! The months are flyyyyying by!! Anywho......for Easter I recieved three New York Color lip glosses!!
Left to right:
♥ NYC Kiss Gloss in Sugar Hill Shimmer
♥ NYC Extreme Glider in Carnegie Melon
♥ NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Prospect Pink

                    ♥ top: Carnegie Melon
                    ♥ middle: Sugar Hill Shimmer
                    ♥ bottom: Prospect Pink

♥ The Carnegie Melon was a nice red-ish color. It was in a long thin tube that you squeeze out onto your lips. It had little bits of glitter in it too witch made it look shiny and nice :)
♥ Sugar Hill Shimmer is a almost clear lipgloss with just a hint of pink. This was another squeeze tube which I do not particularly like, but that`s okay cause I really liked this gloss!
♥ Prospect Pink was not what I was expecting at all. It was so pigmented and shiny for a gloss. It looked like a cheap lipstick on my lips.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Won a Giveaway :)

Hey Dolls <3
How are you all doing? Did you have a great weekend?? Sorry I haven't posted in a few days I wasn't home all weekend. I had to house/cat-sit all weekend and there was a pool so I was lounging all weekend :) Before I left Friday afternoon I recieved my giveaway present from the lovely miss Candice from Caffeinated Beauty. I won her contest last week and it already arrived :)

Originaly I won the NYC lip stain but Candice threw in some other goodies for me as well :) She also gave me a very nice Card!! I love cards :)
She sent my NYC lip-stain in Champagne. It is a light red color that is great for a night out. I've only tried a few lip stains and this is definetely the best I've ever tried. I've never liked any lip stain before but this one goes on smooth and doesn't dry out my lips. It didn't stay on for sixteen hours like it promises but it did stay on for a pretty darn long time!!

        I kept my lips all nice and glossy with Caboodles in Luscious Swirl.
                Lip stain alone
                           Lipgloss on top :)

                     She also sent me this Cargo eyeshadow duo in Boise

I never even heard of Cargo before but I can not wait to try more products! It was nice and creamy and was lovely to swatch!!

And last but definetely not least is this great eyeshadow trio by Wet-n-Wild in Sweet As Candy.
This is one of those eyeshadows that your supposed to put on your: eyelid, crease & browbone. The swatch for this turned out so pretty I can't wait to try it out!! Thank you SO much Candice!! Have you guys tried any of these products?? Did you like them??