Friday, 29 June 2012

Recent Purchases

Hey Dolls ❤❤

Doesn't the nice weather just make you want to go shopping?? I know, I know!! Why be indoors on such a nice day?! But something about nice weather just puts me in the mood to spend a little money!! I picked up a few little goodies yesterday while out and am quiet happy with my purchases!!
The first thing that I got was these amazing wedge cage sandals. I've seen so many girls posting fabulous outfits with shoes like these and when I saw them in Call it Spring I was exstatic!! They are the perfect shoe you can wear when you want to look dressed up but not kill your feet!! And perfect for the park and outdoors!! I am in love with them & can not wait to wear them!!
I saw this Sally Hansen Magnteic Nail Color in Wal-Mart and was surprised I had never heard about it before. I never jumped on the Nails.Inc Magnetic wagon because I didn't want to spend $20 on a polish that would most likely not get too much use. But for $9 why not give it a try?! This colour is called Golden Conduct and is a chocolate brown. Theyr in stores deep blue and purple in stores.
I've been lusting over Michael Kors boyfriend watches for so long!! And this one reminded me of it (obviously not as good!!) so I decided to pick it up!!
I also picked up two new blushes. I have a big soft spot for blushes right now and tend to be buying them for no reason what so ever. Well, I guess it isn't just blushes that I have a soft spot for but ya know. They were having a sale on Physicians Formula so I grabbed one in Natural. I have a few of their blushes and really like them so I thought why not?! I also got a Hard Candy blush in Smooth Talker. I am really excited to try out Hard Candy I heard that these blushes are very similar to a blush in the Benefit line. I've been eyeing a lot of Hard Candy products for a while but they always are out of stock in my Wal-Mart which we would be why I only got one. Have you guys tried any of these products??


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

NOTD: Navigate Her

Hello My Darlings ❤❤

Summer is FINALLY here!! I am so happy I can finally brake out some shorts and not be scared it will rain as soon as I step outside!! Today's polish is relatively new and one that I am absolutely loving right now!!

This polish I by Essie called Navigate Her. It is a fabulous pastel green that I think can really go with any season. I love pastels but I find that they are sometimes hard to apply especially when you buy cheaper brands so I think it is always good to go with brands that specialize in only nail polish. I haven't had a lot of experience with Essie but I love the texture of this polish and it was a breeze to apply. One coat is almost good enough but I a;lways do a thin second coat just to make it perfect :)

I went to the Night Market the evening after I had applied these and the table that sold nail decals was giving demonstrations. Even though I obviously know how to apply nail decals I let her show me how lol!! I feel wierd saying know to people trying to sell or show me stuff I always feel so bad for them!!

What are your favourtie nail polish colours right now??


Monday, 25 June 2012

New Flats

Hello Girlys ❤❤

I absolutely adore all shoes but I definitely get the most use out of flats and sandals. I would love to be able to wear heels all the time but it is definitely not realistic when your running after a toddler!! Over the past month I have picked up a few pairs of different flats and sandals!!

                                                             Beige & Black Polka Dots
                                                                   Forever 21 $22
White Lace Flats
Le Chateau Outlet $20
                                                                  Minty Jelly Sandals
                                                                         Aldo $25
                                                              Pink Polka Dot Sandals
                                                                  Urban Planet $7


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

NOTD: Sally Girl

Hello my Lovelies ❤❤

Today I am sharing my newest polish that I recently picked up from Sally Beauty Supply. I never realized that they even had their own polish line until I saw some on Miss Barbara Tamez's blog!! (love her blog you should all check out the link!!) Anywho next time I was in I checked out the stock they had and I was really dissapointed that my store only cary's mini's!! I'm not sure if that is all they produce or if it is just my location...I seriously hope they make full size ones because I am loving this color and know it will get a lot of use!!

I believe the polish is called Simple. Isn't it lovely??
It is perfect to apply and dry's amazingly fast!!

I also wanted to share a product that I just started using from Saje. It is a psoriasis cream that is all natural. I do not have psoriasis but I do have extremly bad ecsema and have tried hundreds of different products and nothing has worked. I will do a full review when I am done this bottle but so far I am lliking what it is doing for my skin. I know how scary it is to try new products so I just thought I would let you all know that this product seems safe so far :)


Friday, 1 June 2012

Drug Store Haul

Hello my Loves ❤❤

I originally went to the drug store to see if the Essence Snow White had come to Canada yet and as I assumed it has not. We only have a very small selection of Essence products out here but it is very popular so I hope they start supplying all the product lines out here because I am dying to try so many of their products. Anyways since I didn't find what I was looking for I decided to pick up a few random purchases.

                                                              What I got:
                           ❤❤ 2 Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Eyeshadow
                            ❤❤ 2 Quo Lipsticks
                            ❤❤ Quo Eyeshadow Trio

                                                                  Quo Eyeshadow Trio
                                                      Essence Stay All Day Cream eyeshadows
                                                        I love how pigmented these are!!

                                                                       Quo Lipsticks
                   Love the packages on all these Quo products and I got each item for only $4!!

                                         & lastly I got this peacock candle & holder from Pier 1