Sunday, 28 April 2013

February & March Nail Polish Haul

Hey Beauties  ❤❤
I didn't post my February nail polish buys but still wanted to so I put the two past months together. After the February haul I wanted to try and only buy nail polishes I really want. Well I think I did well on that part but I was hoping this would mean I would be buying less nail polish.....that was not the case. I did buy much less then January but still purchased five nail polishes each month. 
OPI Mod About You
OPI Petal Faster Suzi
OPI A Butterfyly Moment
Nicole by OPI Disco Dollz
Zoya Blaze
Sealed With A Kris
All Kendall-ed Up
Wear Something Spar-Kylie
Kim-Pletely In Love
                                                      China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On 
                                                               China Glaze Grape Juice
                                                                   Sinful Colors Unicorn
                                                                     Sinful Colors Folly
                                                       Rimmel London Hot Chili Pepper
I had been searching for the Mariah Carey collection all throughout January but Canada was late top the game as usual. I wasn't planning on getting the other two OPI's but they had a deal where if you buy three you get them for $8 a piece rather than $10 each. I came across Disco Dollz on sale for $1.99 and just could not pass it up!! It will be perfect for Christmas next year!! And the Zoya.......well Zoya is rare in Canada so as soon as I saw it I just could not say no!! I can see why people love Zoya so much!! It is an amazing polish!! The mini Nicole's are a gift set I received for V-day from my wonderful mother!!

I really wanted Keep Calm, Paint on but was going to pass on it because of my little trying to cut down on nail polish idea. But then Sally Beauty Supply had their 2 for 10 sale on China Glaze and well need I say more?? At  the end of the month I went to the States and they have such great deals on nail polish in the states I always seem to find lots of bargains!! This time I actually didn't find that much and I think I bought the two sinful colors because I wanted to buy something (hate when that happens!!) When I got home I realized I have to VERY similar nail polishes already. I guess I have back up's now!! I was very pleased with Hot Chili Pepper though!! I always have avoided orange reds but I have been wanting to try some and Rimmel is so affordable it was a good brand to choose to see if I liked it!! 

                    Swatches will be up in upcoming posts :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

SpaRitual Imaginarium

Hello Dolls ❤❤
I've been waiting to share this with you for almost a year!! I received it for my birthday last year and wore it many times throughout this year but never got a good enough picture that was "swatch" worthy!! I have never seen a color quiet like this one which is why I was so excited to share it. It is a neon pink with a nice pearlescent finish, very unique to anything in my collection. 

My pictures definitely do not do this polish justice. I feel like the brightness of this did not transfer onto photos. I could not get over how bright this was, definitely a perfect summer color!! The formula was perfect and a breeze to apply. SpaRitual is a vegan company and their polishes are 3 Free. I always wonder how long polishes like that will last and this one actually lasted longer then other polishes. 

                  Do you own any SpaRitual products??


Monday, 22 April 2013

The Balm Haul

Hey Beauties ❤❤
Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!! Today I wanted to share a few things that I recently ordered off of Hautelook. Back in September I ordered The Balm's Nude Tude palette from Hautelook and have been obsessed with it ever since!! So when I saw that they were on there again I wanted to order some more products. Here is what I ordered.

3 Blush/ Eyeshadows

                                                                    Hot Mamma
                     A gorgeous pink with a peach sheen to it. So pretty for a night out!!

Down Boy
A dust rose mauve blush with a matte finish. 
Frat Boy
A very nice dolly pink. It looks like it has a hint of sheen in the pan but does not transfer onto the skin. 
                                            3 Eyeshadow Palettes that came with 9 shadows each.
Shady Lady Vol. 1
This has 9 huge eyeshadows all in very usable colors. I prefer this palette to Vol.3 because all the colors are so usable!! I love using the top row 2nd & 3rd shadow together for an everyday look!!
                                                                     Shady Lady Vol.3
All the shadows in the Shady Lady palettes are all shimmer. They have a little bit more sheen to them than the Nude Tude palette but are still very workable. 
Meet Matte Nude
These shadows are HUGE!! You can never have to much of a matte eyeshadow!!
I am very happy with everything I bought!! I love all the blushes and palettes. I think I could have done without Shady Lady Vol.3 but I will obviously still get a lot of use out of it!!

My experience with Hautelook......
I have very good and not so good things about my experience. The good point of my experience was their Live chat customer service. Hautelooks flash sales can sell out fast and you can only keep something in your basket for 15 minutes, so when you need a question answered you need it right away. Well I was able to talk to someone and get it figured out in just a few minutes!! That is a feature that I wish all online stores had!!

The bad....International charges. I understand that some companies do charge international fees since I am in Canada (why some do and some don`t I do not understand...) BUT this is something that should be applied with your receipt at the time of transaction. If you are going to charge me $20 extra do not send me another receipt two weeks later. Also both times I have ordered off Hautelook it has taken just over a month for me to receive it........ Really?? Anyways that is my little  rant for the day!!

                      What is your favorite Balm product??


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Top 10 Spring Nail Polishes!!

Hello Deary's ❤❤
Spring is my all time favorite season as far as colors go because it is all about pastels!! Pastels have always been my favorite nail polish look and I tend to wear them all year round but when it comes spring time it is basically all I wear!! It was hard to pick only ten but I tried to choose one polish from every color group. So here is my top ten!!

                                                                 From left to right:
           Essie Navigate Her This is a  gorgeous pistachio green nail polish. A nice cream with a wonderful formula. 
Rimmel London Silver Bullet This polish you will either love or hate. It is a lovely pearl color with a magnificent formula. I love this on my toes or as an accent with pink polish!!
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Do I even need to explain?? For 2.50 this is a perfect mint color!!  
                                                                    From left to right:
Revlon Peach Smoothie From the scented line this polish is delicious!! It does take at least three coats to become opaque. But the gorgeous shine in this is worth it!!
Revlon Cotton Candy Also from the scented line this smells scrumptious!! It is very sheer but I love the delicate finish!!
Revlon Whimsical This is one of my favorite Revlon nail polishes. I am actually thinking I may need a new one before they discontinue!!  It is a very sheer blue jelly base with gorgeous cotton candy colored glitters. 
                                                              From left to right:
Sally Girl Sinful This is the perfect purple. Sadly they only make small bottles of this so I will not be repurchasing :(
Picture Polish Sky I love Picture Polish So much!! They have gorgeous colors and such cute names!! This is a very pale blue cream polish. It pairs excellently under Whimsical!!
NYX Cannery Of course I had to include a yellow. I love pale yellows because they don`t make my skin look dirty like brighter yellows can do. This is my only NYX polish & I love it!!

I would love to know everyone`s favorite Spring Nail Polish`s (and some suggestions for some that I must pick up!!)


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Revlon Selects

Hey Girly's ❤❤
Hope your all feeling fantastic!! My entire family is finally 100% feeling better, this sickness was passed around again and again for what feels like months!! For the first time we are all A-Okay!! I am so excited, it defiantly makes the mood so much more happy!!

The post I am doing today is all about Revlon. Back in January I signed up for a program called Revlon Selects. It basically is a program that Revlon was doing on their Canadian Facebook page for bloggers. Whomever was selected got sent a few new products to review. I was very surprised that I had been chosen and was SO excited when I received my package!!

I received: Revlon PhotoReady Primer and Shadow Palette, Revlon Nail Art Expressionist, Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy, Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede, and lastly a Revlon Glitter Nail File. 

Glitter Nail File:
I have no clue what happened to my picture of the nail file but it is in the main photo above. One side of this was a normal nail file and the other was glitter. The glitter side promised to add shine to your nails.....

To be honest the glitter side did nothing at all. It felt like sand paper and probably was not the greatest to be rubbing my nails on. 

Would I purchase?? No, I would rather a nail file that has to working sides, although the glitter is pretty!! 

I was really excited to try out both the nail polishes because I had never tried either of the double ended nail polishes. The Moon Candy I received came in 280 Orbit. One side is a deep purple Cream and the other has Flakies. I don't have a lot of flakies so I was very excited to test them out. 
The Cream side came out lovely. I love this color and would defiantly wear it on its own. The formula for this was amazing. (One Coat!!)
As much as I enjoyed the cream side the flakies were another story. I really wanted to like these but they look awful. They come up off of the nail in every which way. They are chunky and goopy and just a mess!! 

Would I purchase this?? No, unless I had heard from others that other colors were better. The price tag is also a lot higher then I would like to pay for two small bottles of nail polish. 

I received the Matte lipstick in Backstage 035. The color is a nice deep wine with no shimmer. Like it says it is matte so you do need to put a gloss over this. It does have good staying power but I would probably re-apply at least once throughout the day. 

Would I purchase?? Maybe, I have seen these in stores for as much as $12 which in my opinion is not worth it for a drugstore lipstick. If these were better priced I would defiantly pick some up!!

I think I was most excited about this beauty!! I've always been a fan of Revlon eyeshadows so I had high hopes for this one. And it did not disappoint ! This has three eyeshadows  a highlight, crease, and lid. The very bottom color is a base and the small corner shadow is a shimmer to top it all off. I don't think you can get away with using the base rather than a liquid primer but everything else is gorgeous!! 

Would I purchase?? Yes!! I have bought many Revlon eyeshadows palettes and would defiantly purchase this!!

The Nail Art Expressionist came in Vincent Van Gold. I do not do a lot of nail art mainly because I do not have a steady hand or patience!! These small brushes were made for someone like me!!
The formula on these were great and easy to use. I like the concept of these a lot, however this mani reminds me of a Power there a purple Power Ranger?? 

Would I purchase?? Yes. In another color of course because this shade just does not work for me!!

    Have you guys tried any of these products?? What is your favorite Revlon product??

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review. However all opinions were my own.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nicole by OPI One Big Happy Fame-Ily

Hey Dolls ❤❤

Oh dears!! It has been a crazy couple of weeks!! There's really no excuse for deserting my blog for this long but man oh man I am not used to being this crazy busy!! When I cam home from work a week ago I noticed little splotches of bumps randomly all over Ava's body. They weren't red but she was itching them like crazy. Immediately I thought of chicken pox and started to treat them like they were (calamine lotion, oatmeal baths, etc.) Well, things got really bad after that but by the next morning they were gone. And then they re-appeared......and were gone again a few hours later. 
So they were clearly not Chicken Pox but it took a few different trips to the doctor to figure out what Ava had (I'm still not 100% sure if I believe what the doctor says it is, I think they are just sick of seeing me lol!!) They say it was just a virus that takes a few weeks to get over, mmmmk!! I think it is some sort of allergies but we will see!! 
Of course this all had to happen right when I go back to work. Just my luck right!! Hopefully things start to go back to normal from here on out. I have lots of posts for you guys that I really need to get up. Some hauls, lots of NOTD, and Swatches. I also have used up lots of products and want to start doing an empties post when I finish up products!!

This is One Big Happy Fame-Ily from the Kardashian collection (Fame-Ily, really??) 
Here I layered it over Julep's Lily. I like the outcome of this but thing I would love it over a lighter color (like Revlon's cloud!!)

I quiet like this polish although it was not what I expected. I have not tried many Nicole By OPI`s. The colors I have tried are quiet opaque and do not need too many coats. I was expecting a cream like polish with millions of micro glitters in it. What I got was a very sheer lilac with tons of gorgeous micro glitters. I really do love this and do not own anything quiet like it yet. Although I was hoping that this could be used alone I think it is much better as a layering polish. Four coats is not ideal for me and does not give off the vibrant purple that I want. Next time I use this I am going to use Revlon Cloud as a base. Maybe I will instagram a picture of it......
I found this polish in the clearance section of Shoppers Drug Mart for $2. I love the clearance bin!! The formula is not bad and very easy to apply.