All I want is Everything

 ❤Hayworth Jewlery stand
Pier One
I was orinigaly looking for a small mirrored jewlery box but when I saw this I fell in love!
 ❤ H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer
My hair is very damaged and I have heard great things about this!

                                                 ❤Teal Loafer
I love the teal color but I am not sure if these would get much use. The $80 price tag is not helping me make up my mind either!
                                            ❤Jet Set Tote in Vanilla
                                        Michael Kors
I have wanted a Louis Vuitton for years but being a student and a mother it is just not realistic. However, I love this Michael Kors bag that gives me that same sophisticated feel and will have the great quality as well.

                                  ❤New Hamptons Getaway Tote
In case you don't know I love everything Coach. This piece will be a great adition to my collection!

 ❤Lace Flats
Call It Spring
I used to have flats just like these but they got VERY dirty. I think I am in need of another pair and might just pick up some in black as well!