Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Goals

Hello my lovely ladies

I have missed you all sooooo much but my school semester is FINALY over :) So now I will have tons of free time to blog!! YAY!! I have definetly missed being able to read my fave blogs everyday and being able to post on time. Since I am going to have so much free time I have a list of goals I would love to do before Septmeber.....
                                             1. Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly
I would love to get healthy and in shape but I don't want to make unrealistic goals so I'm simply saying a lifestyle change.

                                              2. Do a Huge Spring Cleaning
Since I was so busy with school I really neglected my housework. I need to go through my spare bedrooms, old clothes, drunk drawers, etc. I am such a hoarder and seriously need to get rid of so much crap I have!!

                                              3. Design my Own Blogger Template
I know most people do this already but I am kinda terrible with computers!! But I want something I can call my own and get to put all the things I love into it :) So I'm gonna figure out how!!

                                              4. Try and Find a Job
I'm still on maternity leave for another six months but I would like to go back to work part time. I really can only do that if I find something that pays more since I will now have to pay for childcare. I really hope to find something I enjoy working so much (I know I am weird but I love working lol)

                                               5. Learn to Cook
I do not cook. Ever. I can make Mac n cheese for myself but no one else will eat it lol. So I really need to start trying out some different dishes that I could cook for my daughter when she is older!!

Do any of you have any goals for the summer?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Hey Dolls,
Today is my liitle sisters sixteenth birthday!! I can not believe she is already sixteen. It feels like just yesterday I was sixteen and she was begging to hang out with me and my friends. ( & of course me not wanting to) Now she is my best friend. The best gift in life is a sister!! I definetly want more children because I honestly think I would be depriving Ava of something so special if I didn't give her a little sister or brother. My sister is just so much more special then any other friend. I always have the best time when I'm with my sister :) I hope everything she dreams of comes true <3

This year I decided instead of buying her a gift we would go shopping and she could pick out what she wanted herself. But I couldn't resist getting her a few little goodies to open on the special day!!
                                       The cutest little erasers shaped like deserts!!
                                     Fancy paper clips and tape dispenser

 Three super cute post-its. (she loves cute office supplies I'm not just a wierdo who gives post-its for presents lol)

                                                      Two owl necklaces!!

                           Flower Ring, Skull Ring, and Betsey Johnson Earrings!!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day to all the Single Mommys!!

Hey Loves <3

I know today is Fathers day, but, today I am thanking my mother! Yes, I do have a father but he was only ever around when convenient for him!! My mother raised me and my sister all by herself. No weekends off, no evenings out, 24/7 of being mommy and daddy!! She taught me to be a strong independent women because you never know what is going to happen in life. You may not always have other people to rely on so you have to be able to rely on yourself! She was my best friend when she could be, and the crazy wardan hunting me down when I didn't make curfew. She was and always be my number one supporter, and is selfless beyond words! All single mothers deserve so much recognition! I can not imagine how scary it would be!! Love you mommikins <3


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Gosh Lipstick in Cappuccino

 Hey loves <3
A couple of months ago I picked up this Gosh lipstick in Cappuccino. It looks likie a light brown/nude color. It applies almost clear with a light beigy color. I like this because it's great to wear on those lazy days with just foundation and mascara. It can not be worn with lip primer (ELF primer at least) because you can see it clearly underneath. Cappuccino goes on amazingly smooth . You do not need to aply any moistureizer because it does not dry them out at all!! But, you do need to re-apply often because it just looks like nothing is there!! I don't have any complaints although I don't think I would re-buy this because it was $18. I think I could get a lipgloss for cheaper that does the exact same thing!! It is good to miss with different lipsticks though, so it's good in that sense!! That's just my opinion though!!

♥ ♥ ♥


Monday, 13 June 2011

NOTD: Silver Bullet and Sparked

Hey Dolls <3
How are you all?? I'm feeling very blah today!! Maybe cause the darn weather won't make up it's mind!! Seriously I'm done with this teasing of one hot day followed by five rainy days :( I want summer!! So to try and cheer myself up I painted my nails!! (painting my nails relaxes me!!) lol!! For real, I just love a freshly painted manicure!! I tried to get creative and add some sparkles buuut it got really thick cause I added so many coats and took forever to dry. Which in result ended up with one of my fingers smudging!! Ahhh, I was not impressed at all!!
                        I used: Rimmel London 60 Second's in 730 Silver Bullet (Left)
                                             Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Sparked

Ahhh, no one take notice to my short thumb nail!! I got a little file happy and made it way too short!! Other then my wonky nails I love this color!! It is good for any season!! Rimmel London (like many other companies) is now doing the easy application brush or like they call it "Xpress Brush 1 Second Application". Which if you all don't already know I love!! My nails are the perfect shape for the wider brushes!! I hate having to "double dip" my bruh for one coat!! You would think that this color would need lots of coats but I only did two and was happy with it.

I then added some Pink sparkles to make it a little more fun!! I've been really lazy about my nails lately and have not tried to anything interesting with them!! But I decided this was a quick and easy way to make it look a little more interesting!!  I did about three thick coats on the tip part of my nail then another very thin coat going a little higher up to make it look like it was fading down. I like the look of it but it took forever to dry!! And if you noticed in the pic my middle finger is smudged :( I hate when that happens!! Oh well...life goes on!! :) Hope you all enjoy your evenings!!


Sunday, 12 June 2011

I Need a New Makeup Bag

Hey Girlies <3
This week a nail polish opended in my purse and ruined my makeup bag along with a few other things!! I know how silly of me to have nail polish in my purse!! Especially since this is NOT the first time this has happended to me!! Hopefully I have learnt my lesson now lol. I've been eyeing a few makeup bags for a while and now would be the perfect excuse to splurge on a good one!! Because now it is a NEED not just a WANT!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol!! I can't decide which one I want though.....hopefully you guys can help me out!!
                 Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidery Cosmetic Case
        $35 at JuicyCouture.com
                                              Victoria Secret Cosmetic Cases
                                    $18 at VictoriaSecret.com
                                              I found this Betseyville Cosmetic bag
                                                               on Ebay for $30

I've looked for lots of Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case's on Ebay
this one was only $6.99

                                        Coach Waverly Coated Canvas
                                            $68 at Coach.com

Personaly I think I love the coach one the best but am not really sure if I can justify spending $68 on one cosmetic bag. Ahhh I'm so bad!! I want to buy them all!!

What do you all think?

Picture Polish

Hey Loves ♥♥

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!! A while ago I won a great contest on the lovely Sara Hassan's blog. I love her blog so much!! She has great product posts multiple times a day and is always doing a giveaway!! I recomend you all check out her blog if you haven't already She was giving away three nail polish's from Picture Polish of your choice!! I love giveaway's where you get to choose the shade of the product!! It's like shopping!! And I love my shopping!! Anywho I chose these three colors:

                                     Left to right: Sky Wisteria Tiffany
                                     "Go on broaden your horizons"
This is definetly my favourtie choice. It is the most perfect ``Sky`` blue color!! SO easy to apply! But really, how hard is it to get a creamy polish right? This pastel color is so adorable and easy to wear with anything!! It goes great with all my spring outfits!!
                          ``Diamonds with breakfast``
Honestly, I picked this because of the name!! I already have a minty green polish but thought it would be a little darker like the actual Tiffany`s boxes. It wasn`t though. It was a nice minty color....just not the same as Tiffany`s. All the bottles had little sayings underneath the names of the color. I thought it was a cute little touch!!
                           ``All those quirky housewives out there!``
I am in looooove with this color!! It is amazing on my toes!! It is SO bright!! It looks amazing with a tan lol!! Like all three of these polish`s it was a dream to apply!! It was the perfect thickness so there was no streaks but did not take too long to dry. I think next time I`m going to put some flower nail stickers on to make it extra pretty!!

I never even heard of Picture Polish before Sara`s giveaway, but, I am very pleased with these polish`s!! Their nail polish ranges from around $9.95-$14.95. They have a great selection and they deliver international!! I am definetly going to be ordering from them in the future!! On my wishlist is:

                                                   ``Cult fashion icon for your nails``

``A sophisticated classic``
I am in desperate need of a good beige to go underneath light colors!! I want this so bad!! Sara did a post on this color here. I must say I love this color on it`s own as well!! Love it!!

  Ozotic Pro 604
They also have a line of holographic nail polish`s. I can`t wait to try one!! They have a few colors to choose from but this gold color is definetly my favourtie!!

You can browse the entire Picture Polish line here.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Go Canucks Go!!

Hey loves <3
I don't know how many of you follow hockey, I for one do not. I find it quiet boring to watch unless you are actually at the game. But now that Vancouver has made it in to the finals for the Stanley cup this little hockey bug has bitten EVERYONE down here. The energy is amazing!! I can litteraly hear screams from my whole neighborhood everytime we score!! I have to honest I never thought our team would EVER win the cup.....but I think this may actually be our year!! My boyfriend is a Canucks fanatic and his birthday was this weekend so me, my mom, and my sister made him a Canucks cake. The three of us watch Cake Boss all the time so we wanted to give it a try!! We bought some fondont and some expensive icing tips and spent hours trying to make it perfect....

TaDaaa!! I think it turned out pretty decent for our first try!! What do you guys think??


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

100 Follower Giveaway

Hey Loves
As promised I am doing a little giveaway here to celebrate reaching 100 followers!! I wanted to do this giveaway to say thank you and show you all how much I appreciate you all! I started blogging a few months ago and honestly was not sure if anyone would read any of my posts. I am so happy that I have such great followers that leave such positive comments!! Love you all!!
This is what you will be winning:
ELF Brightening Eyeshadow quad in Butternut
50ml of SpaResource Vanilla Sugar Body Butter
Rose Nail File
Icing Lipstick Pallet
NYX Pearl Eyeshadow in Purple Pearl (left)
NYX Pearl Eyeshadow in Penny Pearl (right)
ELF Cream Blush in Tease
Hot Pink Goldie Nail Polish (left)
Dark Purple Goldie Nail Polish (middle)
ELF Nail Polish in Metal Madness (right)

 This giveaway will be open until July 1st 2011 @ midnight.
This giveaway is open Internationaly =)
How to enter:
♥Be a public follower (+1 required)
♥ 'like' me on facebook here (leave your username in comment section) (+1)
♥ Post about my giveaway  (+1)
♥ Put my giveaway in your sidebar (+1)
Please be sure to leave your email so I can contact you as well as any links to sidebars or posts!
Good luck!!