Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wet-n-Wild Bite the Bullet

Hello Girly`s 
Hope you all are having a fantastic week!! I had a midterm this week (in Math EEK!!) and was stressed to the max!! At least it was on a Monday so now I have the rest of the week to relax!! I wanted to share a new nail polish I got on a recent trip I got down to Seattle. Although we do have Wet-n-Wild in Canada we never get the full collection. I believe we have 5 colors from the Megalast line (not sure how many are in the full collection but I know it is much more then 5!!) & we usually don`t get any of the extra collections that come out either :(

 Just like the other colors from this line they are very creamy and opaque!! I just love this line and I especially love the $2 price tag ($3 in Canada!!) The brushes that come in these are called ``Manicure Pro Brush`` which I love....usually. This one the wand of the brush was too large for the top of the bottle so it has trouble coming out. It is not a huge problem you just have to be careful when opening because you do need to give it a big pull when taking it out and do not want to spill. I`m sure that is just a problem with this exact bottle because none of my other Megalasts are like this!!
I then added Nicole by OPI The Next CEO to the tips. (I wanted it to be uneven it is not an accident lol)

I then added Wet-n-Wild Fergie`s Glamorous over The Next CEO. I added a top coat to finish but forgot to get a picture of the very end result :(

Do you guys like the Wet-n-Wild Megalast line?? Which ones do you Recommend??


Friday, 25 January 2013

My Christmas Haul

Hey Beauties 
 I have FINALLY finished taking all the photo's for my Christmas Haul (technically not a haul because I did not purchase it but I was not sure what else to call it....) I received all of this stuff from my amazing family and friends, who spoiled me rotten!! It is always nice to get gives on Christmas but I think the best present of all is to see their faces when I give them something special or when we do fun traditions!! This year was really special because my grandma came down and got to spend the holidays with all of us!!

Neda Flats from Aldo
                                                            Mint Green Flats from Wal-Mart
                                                   Corinette Loafers from Aldo
                                                     Knee Socks from American Eagle
                                                   Lavender & Lace Crew Neck from Garage
               I received Season 1 & 2 from my good friend but could only find #1 to photograph
                  Cynthia Rowley Nail Polish Duo (they don't have names on the bottle...)
                                     4 Pack of Sally Hansen Gem Crush in (left to right)
                   Be-Jeweled (Purple Micro Glitters with baby pink Chunky Glitters) 
                      Lady Luck (Fuchsia micro glitters with Silver chunky glitters)
                 Bling-Tastic (Bright Blue micro glitters with Silver chunky glitters)
                         Big Money (Champagne Gold with Violet chunky glitters)
                                            Big Money is absolutely gorgeous!!
                                                Guess Gold Sequence Pleated Wallet
                                5 Pack of mini Body Shop Body Butters including 
                            Shea Nut, Vanilla, Coconut, Strawberry, & Orange 
Sweet Pea Gift Set from B&BW 
(it came with a shower gel too but I gave that to my sister because I don't use anything other then Dove!!)
Hempz Strawberry Body Butter & Evo Hair Care Gift Set
Gold Tone Necklace from Aldo (Love this!!)
Cream Colored Peplum top with Pearl collar from Forever 21
Peach Knit Sweater With Pearl accents Forever 21
Key & Locket Scarf from Garage
Guess Burgundy Tote (Love the little Key Chain Accents!!)
Peppermint Mocha & Paris Amour 3 Wick Candle from B&BW
3 OPI nail Polishes!! Left to Right:
Schnapps Out of It (Soft Burnt Orange With a very fine Silver shine)
Chatters Me Up (Dark Purple with a million gold micro glitters!! Love this!!)
My Very First Knockwurst (Very Pale Pink. My new favorite pink in my collection!!)
 Spa Ritual Gift Set (also came with a change purse) Left to Right:
BisMuth Shimmer (Don't even know how to describe this lol!!)
Copper Shimmer (copper... self explanatory)
Titanium Shimmer 
Silver Shimmer 

And that is everything my dear's!! I absolutely adore everything I got!! I will be doing swatches on all the polishes I received whenever I happen to wear them!! I hope you guys all had a fantastic holiday as well!!

Ps- I am also working on my Boxing day haul, but you can check out the video right here!!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Plum's The Word

Hello Beauties 

 Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! It felt nice being back in a normal routine this week after the holiday crazyness!! Today I wanted to share a polish I got back in November I believe. I know I said in my last post that I had not been excited about a nail polish in a long time. Well, that was a lie. I was really excited about this nail polish. I was watching LisaLisaD1 on youtube and saw it on her nails & knew right away I NEEDED that polish!! It is a prefect mix between Plum and Pink and for someone who can not decide if she like's pink or purple better it is perfection!!

Is it not just the most gorgeous color ever?! I am in love!! This is a perfect cream polish, it applies like a dream!! There is no streaking at all and you could probably get away with one thick coat but I always love to do 2 just for that crisp polished look!! The brush is the "easy to use" brush which is perfect for my nails (I have wide finger nails) although I know lots of people are not in love with it. The only thing that I am not in love with is the price tag. $8 for a drugstore nail polish is not something I do very often since I can usually get OPI for the same price. I could have waited to get this on sale (usually they have sales from $5-6) which would have been fine but what can I say.....nail polish makes me do crazy things sometimes!!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Revlon: Girly

Hello Girly's 
The polish I am showing you today is probably the most excited I have gotten over a nail polish in quiet some time!! I was on pinterest about a month ago and come across swatches of Revlon Girly. I instantly fell madly in love with it but of course it was from a collection from a couple years ago and was not brought into their permanent line. About a week after that I was looking at the Revlon section in Superstore (a grocery store!!) and there was a girly sitting there all by itself. Not in an actually space on a display just of by itself... it did not even have a space in the display with it's name!! I swear it was a miracle lol!!

Is it not just gorgeous?! I love purple and I love Sparkle without Glitter so this is the perfect polish for me!! The formula is the type of formula that is pretty gritty but not enough to be considered matte. Which actually makes it very easy to apply. I just adore this color!! It is defiantly a great polish for the winter as well since it has a metallic feel to it. I honestly do not have any bad things to say about this!! I would recommend everyone to pick it up if you can find it........

PS-I am working on my Christmas Haul Post but you can check out my video for it here!!

I will have my post up hopefully this week I just have to grab some stuff that has made it's way to my sister's house lol (not that I can complain I have some of her new stuff too haha)


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Firmoo Glasses

Hello Girly's
I am so excited to be doing this post today!! About a month ago I was contacted by Firmoo.com to see if I wanted to try out some glasses. This is the first time I have accepted anything from a company so it is a little ecxiting to be reviewing it lol!! (kinda silly I know!!) Anyways I was able to choose one pair of either sunglasses or prescription/non-presription glasses. At first I wanted to get some sunglasses but I was kinda feeling the Nerdy-Type glasses everyone seems to be wearing so I wanted to try them out!! 

I chose glasses #CP6076  non-prescription which are Black with Multicolor Arms (is that what they call them?) However, they are sold out of these but they have very similar ones here. They have a ton of new cute ones I did not see when I placed my order also. Think I may have to pick myself up another pair :)

So what are my overall thoughts on these glasses?? I love them!! I was kind of expecting some flimsy glasses like the ones you can get at the dollar store. But these really surprised me with how sturdy and high-quality they felt. These sit perfectly on my face & look exactly like the photos on the website. Did I mention they have the Virtual Try on System where you upload your own photo to see how glasses look on you!! This is very important for someone with a round face like mine lol!!
The team at Firmoo were also amazingly helpful!! I am one of those customers with a million questions and they answered every single one amazingly fast!!
I know I went a little picture crazy!! I was in a mood lol!! Anyways the BEST part of this post is that you guys are able to get your 1st pair of glasses FREE!! (All you have to do is pay shipping!!) Is that amazing or what?! By following this link it will take you to the Firmoo 1st Pair free webpage!!


I don't really have any real cons.
The price of these glasses are $36 (for the ones I got) which if you don't have a prescription  could be a little expensive for some people. But the quality of these is really great & I have had cheap Fashion glasses before and the lenses in them were terrible!!
 Overall I love these and defiantly recommend the 1st Pair Free Program!!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review. All opinions are genuine and my own.