Friday, 13 May 2011

Mini Nail Polish Haul

Hey loves,

How are you all doing? Good I hope!! I was planning to do this post yesterday but it wouldn't let me sign in all day and it deleted comments on my page :S were you all having the same problem?? Hopefully it was just me!! This week has gone by SO fast my goodness! This was my first week back to school and I'm already stressing!! I love the idea of condensed classes but it really is so stressfull!! Oh well I will just have to suck it up for six weeks!! Anyways while I was grocery shopping I picked up a few nail polishes. I call it a "mini haul" because compared to other bloggers hauls it is tiny but in reality this is a normal size haul for me! I've seen lots of bloggers who will buy an entrie collection of makeup in one trip but I just won't do that! Anyways here is what I got:
From left to right: Revlons Scented Cotton Candy, Revlons Scented Peach Smoothie, and Milanis Fresh Teal
                                    Milanis Fresh Teal I've never heard of Milania Cosmetics before I saw them in Superstore. I haven`t been able to find them anywhere else eather. I wasn`t sure what to expect from them but I thought I would give them a try anways. I was quiet pleased that I did cause I really love this color!! It is a lovely teal color that pops out at you!! The formula was a dream to work with!! It was creamy and so pigmented! This with only ONE coat!! Can`t get much better then that!! The only complaint I do have about this nail polish is how the color really does not match the bottle color. The bottle looks more green then the blue-ish teal that is on my fingers!! Oh well I love it eather way.
                          Revlons Scented Peach Smoothie
I finally got my hands on Peach Smoothie!! I have been lusting over this color for a little over a month and finally got it! I am so pleased that I did I am simply in love with this color!! Pretty sure I am going to be sporting it all summer long!! I didn`t buy this for the scent at all but I must say it was an added bonus. I thought having my nails smell would be a little strange but they smell delicous!! And they smell way stronger then I thought they would. Now even though I absolutely love this color I have a lot of complaints. I always find Revlon nail polishes are a bit on the runny side which makes them look streaky. The brush they give you is very small too. If you can out up with a difficult application then I would recomend it!

                 Revlons Scented Cotton Candy
One word: Yummy!! You will want to eat your nails it smells that good!! I`m in love with this color it is the nicest pale pink ever!! Like Peach Smoothie it is quiet difficult to apply. But I really think the color is worth the hard application!! It really bugs me that the Revlons have such a terrible formula because they have so many great colors coming out recently. It really does discourage me from buying more :(

Have you had problems with Revlon nail polishes too? Or am I just being too picky?



JelenaDoll ~ said...

Loving the cotton candy one !
aw i want one! :)

Reckless Rekha. said...

Love the nails <3

Anonymous said...

great buys!!

Sick by Trend said...

beautiful nails! Love the colors1 :D I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!! :)



KatXoXo said...

JelanaDoll~:You should its SO pretty!! ♥
RecklessRekha:Thanks hun ♥
BeautyAddict:Thanks sweetie! ♥
Sick By Trend: Following :) You have a great blog!! ♥

Sweethestia said...

I love the turquoise color of your nail. Elegant and sexy. :D

Just followed your blog sissy.
Hope to see you soon on my site :D

From Broadway said...

Never had problems with Revlon so far!