Wednesday, 4 May 2011

NYC Lipgloss

Hello my suragplums <3
Hope your all enjoying your Tuesdays. Can you believe its already May?! It seriously feels like just yesterday was Christmas!! The months are flyyyyying by!! Anywho......for Easter I recieved three New York Color lip glosses!!
Left to right:
♥ NYC Kiss Gloss in Sugar Hill Shimmer
♥ NYC Extreme Glider in Carnegie Melon
♥ NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Prospect Pink

                    ♥ top: Carnegie Melon
                    ♥ middle: Sugar Hill Shimmer
                    ♥ bottom: Prospect Pink

♥ The Carnegie Melon was a nice red-ish color. It was in a long thin tube that you squeeze out onto your lips. It had little bits of glitter in it too witch made it look shiny and nice :)
♥ Sugar Hill Shimmer is a almost clear lipgloss with just a hint of pink. This was another squeeze tube which I do not particularly like, but that`s okay cause I really liked this gloss!
♥ Prospect Pink was not what I was expecting at all. It was so pigmented and shiny for a gloss. It looked like a cheap lipstick on my lips.



Vauhtimamma said...

Really nice lipglosses. It is really hard to find a good lipgloss wich mach with my skin tone. Well, You have find very nice ones! Happy May for You and Your family!

Wonderland Girl said...

Love the top two shades. Bright pink isn't really for me lol.
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

I love the swatch of Carnegie Melon. That's my favorite one. Yeah, Prospect Pink and my dark skin tone is not gonna happen. LOL. Light pink frosty colors isn't for me :) Thanks for sharing!

KatXoXo said...

vauhtimamma- I know I have a hard time finding lipglosses and lipsticks I love too!! Happy May to you also!! ♥
WonderLandGirl-Yeah me eather although I wish it did!! ♥
Ms.PrettfulGirl-I have the same problem!! Makes me look cheap lol ♥