Wednesday, 21 September 2011

OOTD & current goals

Hey girly's <3
Okay I`m going to be honest this is not an OOTD this is more like an outfit of last Tuesday!! I started writing this last Tuesday and probably have popped on two more times since then to try and write it. It`s not that its a long or detailed post I am just crazy freaking busy with school. Like I am freaking out!!! Why did I take so many classes?? Every moment that I am not studying I get all anxious because I know I have a huge pile of studying left!!! Bahhh I can not wait til this semester is over!! Oh wait....yes yes I can because next semester I need to juggle this amount of classes plus go back to work!!! But I`m not going to think about that until I have to cause man oh man I think I may have a break down lol!! Anywho... I did a goals list at the end of June and I'd say that most of it probably didn't get finished. Blame it on summer?? :) Since it's the begining of the school year I thought I should probably do another to help me stay on track!! sooooo.........

♥ Don't fall behind in classes. Once I fall behind in one it's like a dominos effect!! Not good!! This last year of university is so important I need to stay FOCUSED!!
♥Be more organized!! I am SO bad for being all scattered!! It annoys me so much yet I know if I put in a little more effort I could be more organized!!
♥ONLY but Chritsmas presents!! I am on a shopping ban for anything that is not  present for someone else!! I always go all out and this is my first year not working so I need to make my money strecth!!
♥breath!! I always get so caught up in silly things. I need to remeber that I need to accept that I can not control everything!! Some things are just out of our control and there is no point in stressing out about it because it`s not going to solve anything!!! (this is a hard one!! I get the worst panick attacks about stupid stuff!!)

                                ♥White Peasant top from Smart Set
                                ♥Jean Shorts from Sirens
                                ♥Whishbone necklace from Macys


Monday, 12 September 2011

Nootd and Cute Airfreshener

Hey lovleys <3
I wanted to share one of  my old time loves OPI's "My Private Jet". I used to be so obsessed with this nail polish and think I got a little 'overdose' of it because I put it away for about a year. Well I noticed it in my nail polish box last week and decided to use it again since I haven't for so long!! And I instantly felt just the way I did before 'in love' <3 It's so pretty and reminds me of a black sky with stars!! This nail polish is an absolute dream to apply! Two coats, dry's in no time at all!! And this polish seriously lasts so long without chipping!! ahhh love :)

                                                        Isn't it perfection??

Aaaand!! Look at the cutest little air freshener Grant brought home for me!! lala love it!!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pretty Notebooks~

Hey Ladies <3
I don't know why I am posting this at this time of the night but I thought since I am up I might as well do it!! haha !! I am studying right now & am SO tired. I swear I can hear my dog barking I am so tired (or going crazy?!) Soooo anywho lol........... at the begining of every semester I look forward to finding some great new notebooks!! I love to get pink girly notebooks that are oh-so cute!! As well as cute planners and pens, highlighters, etc. This year was a little dissapointing cause I did not hit up the night market to get some cute pens and highlighters so all I got to treat myself to was notebooks!! ( I had to buy some ugly Papermate highlighters *yuck*) Oh well I guess there is always next semester....

       Aren't they cute?? The little one on the bottom right hand corner is my planner!!

& this is the book bag I am using at the moment. I got it from Garage at the begining of Spring!! So cute!!
Have an amazing weekend everyone!!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Hey girly's <3
are you all enjoying back 2 school?? It's definetely bitter sweet for me!! I don't have any classes I was hoping to get and am scrambling to work out some sort of schedual for myself!! ugghh oh well, could be worse!! Anyways.... I wanted to do a review on OPI's Nail Envy because I have benn using it for quiet some time now.

As you can see from the bottle I am almost out. So now I am coming to a decision. Should I re-purchase or choose something else? Prior to a year ago I always wore acrylic nails. For years I always had fake nails so when I finaly had enough of those and started to repair my nail strength my nails were TERRIBLE!! They were so small and thin and would break whenever they grew any sort of length. I was recomended OPI nail strengthener and I fell in love right away!! My nails were doing very well there for a while. They were strong and would stay an exellent length. But once it hit summer this year my nails have been breaking ALL the time!! I don't know if its just coincidence or if they are not as strong but they are definetley not the same as when I first started using this product!! I see other people's nails and some of them are getting lengths that I would never dream of reaching with my 'natural' nails. So, I am possibly considering changing my nail strengthener. If I can find something that everyone is very impressed with.

So now my question!! What are you all using for nail strengthener?? I am after something that gives me excellent length!! I would love some feed back ladies please help me out!!


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Beach Day

Hey dolly's <3
This weekend was the last weekend of summer as you all know. So I decided to go to the beach and soak up all that sun while I still can!! I LOVE going to the beach and I'm so happy that my little girl loves it just as much as I do!! I'm so lucky that I have such a well behaved baby that I can do all these great things with!!

              Hope you all got to enjoy the sun this weekend and hopefully it continutes :)


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back 2 School Mini Giveaway

Hey Girlys <3
I am doing a mini-giveaway for back2 school!! I wanted to do a larger giveaway for this one but did not find everything I was looking for so I will split it up and do one mini one now and another in a little while!! :) :)

                                               What you can win:
                                        ♥ Elf Lipstain in Bombshell
                                        Goldie Nail polish in Hot Pink
                                        Elf Nail polish in Bubblegum Pink
                                         Spa Resource  body butter in  Mango 
                                          NYX  Ultra Pearl in Lilac Pearl 
                                        NYX Ultra Pearl in Walnut Pearl
                                        ♥ And a cute Paris Journal

This giveaway is open internationaly! You do not have to have a blog to enter (just be a public follower) The giveaway will close October 1st 12am. to enter:

                                       ♥Follow my blog publicly (+1)
                                       ♥blog about my giveaway (+1)
                                       ♥ put my giveaway on your sidebar (using the above picture) (+2)
                                       ♥'like' my facebook page by clicking here  (+1)

 So you can get up to 5 entries in all. Good luck!!  


Monday, 5 September 2011


Hey Dolls <3
Me and Ava are going to meet my great-grandfather for some fish and chips this afternoon :) He usually comes over for dinner every Sunday but I thought it would be a nice little treat to take him out!! It should be fun!! It's nice and warm outside so me and Ava are still sporting our summer clothes!! Here is what we wore:

♥white tank -Urban Planet*
♥Fuschia Floral Blouse- Sirens*
♥Jean Shorts- Sirens*
♥White Open Back Flats- Aldo*
♥Tear Drop Floral Bundle Earrings (bottom picture)- Icing*

Have a great day lovies ♥


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Maybelline Express Finish Timely Turquoise

Hey dolls <3
I am so pumped today!! I just applied for a dream job!! (fingers crossed!!) And finished up registering for the fall semester and am hopefully getting some of the core classes I need to finish up and get my degree! It feels like I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!! So what do I do when I'm in a good mood?? Paint my nails of coarse!! I've decided since its officially September I should break out more *fall* colors as opposed to my pink & orange summer colors!! Buuut I didn't want something TOO fall-ish cause it is still sunny and hot here so I picked something shiny so its still a bit summery!! So here is Maybellines Express Finish in Timely Turquoise...

I love this color!! It is so pretty!! It glided on very nicely with no streaks! I would say it had an average dry time though nothing special!! Anywho, hope you all enjoy long weekends! :)