Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cargo Mascara

Hey Dolls ❤❤

Today I am doing a review on my new found love, Cargo Triple 3 Mascara!! I have never bought anything other then drugstore mascara and was completely blown away when I tried this product!!

 This product promises to curl,lengthen and thicken your lashes!! I don't know if it fully curls but it takes my lashes to lengths they have never seen!!

                                            - Extremley lengthens your lashes!!
                                                     -Lasts all day long!! 
                                              -adds a natural curl to my lashes.
                                                 -Great Jet Black coloring!!

                                -Is not the most thickening mascara
                                                     - The packaging is very boring
                                 - It is a Standard Wand (I prefer smaller curved wands!!)

Overall, I really did have to knit pick to find con's about this product!! This mascara retails for $20.00 US but I bought it in Cargo's Safari Kit which retails for $35 but includes tons of other goodies!! Would I repurchase?? I would if I would be willing to spend more then $10 on mascara!! I would buy another Cargo kit that includes a mascara though!!


Saturday, 25 August 2012

11 Facts About Me Tag

Hey Dollies ❤❤

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!! I am doing this fun tag that the lovely Maria from Maria's Self tagged me in!! I love doing tags for questionare style posts. For this post you write 11 random facts about yourself & then answer some questions. & at the end you tag 11 ladies that you would love to hear from!!

                                              11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I will not eat anything artificaly flavored red or cherry. Even if I know it isn't cherry I can not bring myself to put it in my mouth!! For years I would tell people I was alergic to red artifical coloring ( & oddly enough people believed me!!)

2. I have a serious fear of the world ending!! Whenever I watch a movie about the world ending I will have nightmares for weeks and obsess over it during the day as well!!

3. I have a serious Diet Coke Habit!!

4. I am addicted to really bad reality shows!! (When I say really bad I mean the ones everyone groans about like Teen Mom & Real Housewives) It`s terrible habit I know!!

5. I start buying Christmas presents on December 26th!!

6. I love getting cards almost more then gifts!! I have a stash of hundreds of cards from over the years, even a few from my first birthday!!

7. I've always hoarded beauty products!! When I was nine they built a Shopper Drug Mart a two minute walk from my house and I went there everyday for a year and bought one Bone Belle LipSmacker everyday!!

8. I love a good bargain!! I love thrift shopping and going to dollar stores, even liquidation stores!! Even if I don't find anything I love searching for something great!!

9. I used to dream of moving to a small city far away from my hometown. When I was 19 I moved 20 minutes away and I could not imagine living any farther away from my mom and sister!!

10. I hate cell phones!! I do not have a blackberry or Iphone, I have a boring Samsung that doesn't even have internet on it. I just never caught on to this obsession with having a phone that does everything!!

11. After nail varnishes purses are my biggest obsession!! I've never made a birthday or Christmas list without one on it!! 

                                                                   Questions ❤❤

1. What is your favorite magazine?
Cosmopolitan!! I used to buy one every month and kept them all under my bed for a few years!! I love fashion magazines but I never find any of the a8. rticles too exciting.

2. What is you favorite snack?
Potato chips!

3. What is your favorite time of day?
Probably between 7-9 am. Before my daughter and boyfriend wake up and I just get to drink my coffee and read some emails in peace.

4. What type of music do you like to listen to?
Anything you can dance to! I love all genres but my favorite is pop/hip hop!!

5. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas!! I love decorating, baking, wrapping, and SHOPPING!! Everything about that time of year is just magical!!

6. Silver or Gold?

7. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Less then an hour.

8. How long does it take you to get ready for bed?
Ten minutes.

9. How often do you wash your makeup brushes?
Not as often as I should. Maybe every two weeks. I wash my foundation brush every week though.

10. How much do you spend on beauty products every week?
I try not to shop every week. Some weeks I'll spend $50, some $0! It just depends.

11. How many of your personal friends know about your blog?
Well, everyone knows I have a blog but I don't think many have seen it. I don't know anyone in real life that gets as excited about beauty products as I do. Which is why I have it!!

Now for the lady's I would like to see do this tag. I would love to see everyone do this but I will choose 11 ladys as well!!

                                                              Barbara Tamez
                                                                  Hunter 87
                                                         The Amazing World of J
                                                            The Scholarly Nail
                                                 Michelle and her Never Ending Story
                                                          Starry Eyed Beauty
                                                            Miss Tea and Co
                                                           Stephanie Speaks
                                                         Fashion Choices Claus
                                                                 Kat Vanilla
                                                         Maryamm Aquillage

                                           Hope you guys have a wonderful day!!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fall Favorites: Nail Polish

Hey Dollies ❤❤As promised I have a youtube video for you all!! That being said I am an amateur and I think it is awful!! I can not figure out editing but I gave it my best shot!! I do ramble on but I was not able to edit anything other then the begining and end so yeah...! I will get it one day!! Anyways please check it out and let me know what you think!! Be kind :)

                                                                     Thanks Lady's!!


Friday, 17 August 2012

Whimsical...Maybe a dupe??

Hello my Darlings ❤❤

I just finished my last exam for summer semester today and now am on vacation for two weeks!! Yay!! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders lol!! Anyways, in the begining of spring I was in a little boutique and I came across a Deborah Lippman display!! I have not seen her products in Canada yet so I was very excited to check it out. I immediatley fell in LOVE with glitter in the air. It is a very pale jelly like blue with medium and small cotton candy colored glitters. It looked so gorgeous but I was not about to spend $22 on one nail polish. So sadly I left the store empty handed.

About a week ago I was in the Revlon section of my local Wal-Mart and I noticed a nail polish very similar to Glitter in The air called Whimsical. I will let you guys decide for yourself!!

Whimsical is very shear and I do not even know how many coats you would need to get full coverage because after three I gave up and took it off and used Blue Away by Sally Hansen as a base coat. I have tried lighter blues and a white base as well but so far Blue Away is my fave for under Whimsical. From the Glitter in The Air reviews I have seen it seams to be very shear as well so I am very happy I got the cheaper version because for $22 I would not want to go through the hastle of using base coats and numerous coats!! Either way I love love love this color!! I think it is so cute!!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I Joined Julep Maven!!

Hey Dollies ❤❤
I recently signed up for Julep Maven!! I have been wanting to sign up for Julep Maven for some time now because as we all know I am a nail-a-holic!! I'm sure you all have already heard about the Julep Maven program but I will briefly explain.

 Like most subcriptions you take the personality test and get assigned a profile. I believe there is five profiles and in four of them you would recieve two polishes and then an extra gift (August month is nail polish remover!!) and the fifth profile (it-girl!!) you recieve three nail polishes. You do not have to stay with the profile assigned to you, if you wait until the 20th of the month you can choose a different profile or skip the month all together.


Pretty great deal if you ask me (especially since these nail polishes cost $14 each @ Sephora!!) Anyways, your first box only costs 1 penny!! I chose to go with the It girl box because it seemed like the best deal (THREE nail polishes for a penny!!!!)
                          Intro It-Girl Box includes:
                             Charlotte (purple)
                                Sasha (Coral)
                                 Lily (Fushcia)
                           I also recieved two two nail dividers!!

Of course I had to try it out right away!! I tried a cute mani that reminds me of the pink power ranger!! LOL!! Not the look I was going for but I think it is cute!! I used Julep`s Lily and Nicole by OPI`s Miss Independent!!
If any of you are interested in becoming Julep Maven`s or just want to check it out you can go to their website Julep.com
Use Code: PENNY
at the checkout to get your One Penny intro box!!
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Julep Maven. All items were purchased with my own money. I just love polish!!


Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hey Dollies ❤❤

Sorry for the silly title!! Everytime I think of this hairstyle it reminds me of the new show BunHeads!! Anyways I have been wearing this hairstyle like, 24/7!! It is so easy and perfect for when my hair is just not behaving!!

I also wanted to tell you all that I have started making some videos for youtube. I am not going to share them with you just quiet yet though because I am still learning how to edit and these seriously need some editing!! Haha!! Anyways when I am comftorable with their quality I will let you all know :)


Sunday, 5 August 2012

China Glaze: Kalahari Kiss

Hey Girlies ❤❤

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! I thought I would share a nail varnish that I got at the begining of July at Sally Beauty Supply in Seattle. It is China Glaze's Kalahari Kiss from the Safari collection. I don't know why but I only have a few China Glaze in my collection (probably because I was obsessed with only OPI for so long!!) but I absolutely am in love with this colour!! It is a beige color with a hint of yellow undertone. It reminds me of men's khaki pants (obviously why it is in the Safari collection lol!!). I think it is so unique and next time I wear it I am going to try and put cheetah spots on my accent nails!!

Do you guys like this colour as much as I do?? What is your favorite China Glaze polish??


Thursday, 2 August 2012

July Favourites

Hey Girlies ❤❤
Here are all the stuff I have been loving this month!!

                                Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Smooth Talker
                                                   Lipton's Black Currant Raspberry Tea
                                 Royal & LangNickel's Angled Brow Brush (I use for my eye crease!)
                                                              Vera Wang Princess
                                                                Essie Navigate Her
                                             Keyano A Romantics Coconut Lime Scrub
                                                Aveeno Daily Moisterizing Lotion
                                                 Josie Maran Lip Gloss in Precious

What are your guys Favourties of this month??