Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Essie: Pilate Hottie

Hey Girly's 

Do you ever see someone wearing a polish and know that you HAVE to have it?! And then obsess over it until you finally find it?! This was that polish for me!! I saw someone on youtube wearing this and as soon as I noticed it my heart started to rase faster (am I crazy ??) That is how completly obsessed I am with finding those amazing holy grail nail polishes!

This polish is a nice pale purple but instead of being the normal easter-ish color it has the slightest hint of a grey undertone!! Which is what totally made this purple so unique and amazing to me. Don't get me wrong I love the popular purple that everyone seems to be wearing but this purple is very winter appropriate to me!!

For the formula I would say it is similar to most Essie's. Very opaque (2 coats) but a little on the streaky side. But definetly workable. Really I can not complain about this!!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Maybelline Color Show in Twilight Rays

Hey Beauties
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!! I've been busy lately with work, interviews, school, volunteering, and taking care of Ava!! It always seems to work out that I either have nothing at all going on in my life or I am so busy that life is crazy!! But I would definetly rather it this way!! I strive on the crazyness lol!! Anyways..............

Okay!! I have swatches for a brand that I have not tried yet. I tried to avoid this brand of nail polish as long as possible because I had heard it was quiet hard to work with and I am just not patient enough for tricky nail polish unless it is an amazing color. So I came across Twilight Rays and thought it was pretty unique for a drug store nail polish and convinced myself to try it.

Twilight rays is a black base nail polish with fine gold glitter throughout!!

So, it is a very nice color don`t you think.... but like the rumours said it is very streaky and hard to work with. This is three coats and I think I could have used one more on some nails. The brush on this is horrible!! It is short and thin and just awkward to use. That all being said black nail polishes are usaully quiet streaky and tough to apply so I am willing to try out anymore unique colors I come across in this line.....