Thursday, 28 February 2013

January Nail Polish Haul

Hey girly's 

I know that this 'January Haul' is really late but I was not sure if I was going to do it or not. I have been 'hauling' all the nail polishes I purchase on my Youtube Channel, but I have never really done that on here. I've been mainly doing swatches and more in depth reviews on here (which I love) but hauls are something I love watching and reading so I decided to do it on here as well!! 

I think next time I will snap a group photo and then individual photo's of every polish so you get a close up of the color!! I really only drugstore shopped for polish last month. I was searching the salons for OPI's A Butterfly Moment but was unable to find it :(

                                                                 Top Left to Right: 
                               Wet n Wild Megalast Under Your Spell (Available Here)
                               Wet n Wild Megalast Bite the Bullet (Available Here) (Swatched Here)
                               Pure Ice All Nighter (Available at Wal Mart!!)
                               Sinful Colors Dazzle (Available Here) or at any Rite Aid!!
                               Revlon 281 Classy (Available Here)
                               Revlon 361 Mischievous (Available Here)
                       Nicole by OPI One Big Happy Family (I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart)
                               Revlon 240 Impulsive (Available Here)
                               Rimmel London 60 Second Dry Caramel Cupcake (Available at Wal Mart)

I bought most of these when I went down to Seattle so I got much better deals then I would if I bought them in Canada (Most were $2 or less!!!!) You can usually only get dollar store nail polish that cheap up here!! I think I was most excited to see that the Rimmel 60 Second nail polish was back in Wal Mart!! I love that brand and was so sad to see it go!! 


Monday, 25 February 2013

Wish List

Hey Beauties I've been very good in the last little while, I have been window shopping like crazy but have not bought too too much. Well at least not as much as I am used to!! There is so many things on my Lust-List right now!! I would not even know where to begin if I was able to choose an item!! 

                                   1. Bourjois Blushes!! (14.95 here!!)
         I found these online for $4 cheaper then what I can get them in stores for!! 
                                           2. Essie Madison Ave-Hue!! (Available here)
 I am very excited about this collection!! It makes me very excited for all the wonderful Spring colors!!

3. Coach Legacy Carryall (Available here)  or Michael Kors Selma Purse!! (Available here)
I can not decide which one I love more.....I kind of like the camel color more but I love the shape of the Michael Kors better....
4. Socorroa Wedges from Call it Spring. (Available here)
I love nude wedges. I have a similar pair that are more casual....but these just seem more dressed up.

5. BCBG Natural Stone Ring. (Available here)
Is this ring not gorgeous!! I have been looking for a large stone ring that will go with everyday looks. This may be it!!
                                                      6. Smoldt Aldo Purse (Available here)
They call this color `light green` but it comes off more blue in the picture. I just love this for Spring and it is much cheaper then the Coach and Michael Kors purses!!
7. Heart Scarf Le Chateau 
The blue on this scarf is just beautiful!!

                                                 8. Cherry Sweater Old Navy
                            I love fruity fashion!! This is so adorable but still sophisticated!!
                                                 9. Zabrina Dress Bootlegger. (Available here)
                I love the blue against the white on this piece!! It is so Shabby Chic!!
                                                   9. Terina Wedges Aldo (Available here)
Obviously I have a thing about nude wedges!! I think these will go great with a coral top or sweater. Plus they will transition perfectly into fall so you can use them all year round!!
10. Boudoir Eyes Too Faced (Available here) and Stila In The Light Palette (Available here)
I am defiantly a palette girl when it comes to eye shadows. I rarely ever buy singles (I think all the cute packaging could be sucking me in!!)

                 What are you guys eyeing for the spring??


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cynthia Rowley Duo

Hey Dolls 

Today I am going to share a brand that I had never heard of until I received this duo for Christmas. Not only had I never heard of Cynthia Rowley as a nail polish brand  but I had never heard of her as a designer.

The two colors I received are a hot pink (left) and a blue and pink glitter (right) polish.
One thing I can say I was not pleased with right off the bat is that these nail polishes have no names. I love looking up swatches and this makes it impossible to try and see if I like other polishes from her. 
 The hot pink is a neon but it has a little bit more gloss to it then normal neon's, although I do think it could have used a top coat. Why did I not put top coat on this?? This is three coats which were very easy to apply and not streaky at all.
I was going to put the glitter on all my nails but when I opened the bottle I decided against it. It smelt like the time that I bought knock-off OPI nail polish from the flea market. It was a very overpowering chemical smell that gave me shivers lol!! Anyways I do like the glitter outcome if only it did not smell so terrible!!

Overall, I would not recommend buying this duo, however I have seen some nice swatches of other nice colors that people give good reviews on.....but they do not have names so I'm not quiet sure how you would go about finding those exact ones!!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection: Pinking of You

Hello Beauties 

I can't believe how beautiful it is out today!! The weather has been so bipolar lately it can decide.....Spring or Winter make up your mind please!! Anywho, I wanted to share some terrible swatches from a drugstore palette I regret buying (this is what happens when I buy things on a whim!! ) I saw it in Wal Mart, had never heard or seen it before, thought it was cute so I purchased it. I usually like to check swatches but it was only $6 so it wasn't a huge loss.

                The two above pictures are the first four colors (starting from the right) 

                   These are the last six colors. You can see that only the last color is really visible.

I  think what attracted me to this palette is the packaging. Is it not SO cute?! I wanted to try the pink one because I have been messing around with different pink eye looks lately. There is also 4 other colored palettes:Brown,Green,Purple, and Blue I believe. I had to work unbelievably hard to swatch these (and you can still barely see them!!) I did an eye look with this once and took it off immediately because it looked ridiculous. After doing more research I have heard that this is the least pigmented palette of all of them, it was just my luck that I chose the worst one!! 

So in conclusion I would save your money and buy one of Hard Candy's amazing blushes!! Those do not disappoint!! 


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Essence: Date in the Moonlight

Hey Dolls 
Happy Saturday!! I'm spending my night blogging and pinning on pinterest (you can follow me here if you would like :) The exciting life of a mother lol, but I would not have it any other way!! Hope you all are having a fun night!! I am posting the last Essence polish I have in my stash. Like I have mentioned time and time again I am very picky about what blues I wear but this one is gorgeous!! 

From a far this looks like a cream but up close you can see the millions of dark blue glitters!! It is so gorgeous!! Just like all my other Essence polishes it is a thick (but not too thick) formula. There is nothing I hate more then a thin nail polish and this one is just perfection!! I have never been disappointed by Essence nail polishes. I just wish they would send the whole collection to Canada!!

                                        Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!!  


Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Valentine's Day

Hey Beauties 

Happy Valentine's day!! I hope you all had an amazing and love filled day!! Me and Ava spent the day preparing goodies for Grant (Which for the first time actually kind of--sort of turned out, they Were eatable!!) Usually I like to do homemade wrapping paper and homemade cards for Valentines Day but this year I tried to do some baking for my gifts!! I made Grant some Chocolate chip cookies with coconut and walnuts. And tomorrow I am going to make my mom and sister some pretzel-kiss-m&m bites since I will not be seeing them until Saturday (I will post some pics so you can see what they look like!!)

      And of course my lovies got me some very cute gifts!!

Grant and Ava gave me the beautiful flowers and Chocolate (as well as a card)
And my mom gave me the Nail polish set and Marie Claire magazine!!
The Roses were so pretty!! A few of them had little diamond cuffs around them and a Glitter butterfly in the center. So pretty!!
 My mom knows how much I love getting mini-sets of nail polish. I believe this was a Christmas collection.
             Left to Right: All Kendall-ed Up, Kim-pletely in Love, Sealed with a Kris (this was on my wishlist!!)   and Wear Something Spar-Kylie.

                    What did you all do for Valentine's day??

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rimmel: Cherry Fashion

Hello Gorgeous Girls 

I can not believe tomorrow is Valentine`s day!! I am so NOT in the V-day spirit this year!! Usually I am all decorated and have cutesy little gifts for all my closest loved ones....but this year nothing!! I think because we had Ava`s birthday party pretty late this year it was kind of silly to decorate again so close to Valentine`s day. I guess.... 

   I looked through some of my recent NOTD photo`s I have for you guys and the only slightly Valentine`s day one is my favorite red of all time. I can not even believe I have not shown this yet!!I bought it back in September and have gotten a TON of wear out of it!!

I am very picky about what kind of red`s I wear during which season it is. In the fall and winter I stick to dark red`s because my tan fades so anything too bright washes me out. I think this red is the exception to that rule. I LOVE this polish!! It goes with every season and I am pretty sure anyone can pull it off!! Since this is one of my favorites it is obviously a breeze to apply (even if I love a colour, I shy away from using it too often if it hard to apply!!)      
This bottle sells for about $3 (Canadian) The only thing I would recommend is top coat, after one day wear it does start to look a little bit dull. 

What are your guys favorite Red nail polishes??


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Julep Nora (Suede)

Hello There Darlings 
Today I wanted to share one of the polishes I received way back in my November Julep Maven box. This box was basically the reason I signed up for Julep, I really wanted to try their Suede line and for some reason did not know that most other nail polish brands had their own Suede line!! I have no idea how I missed that but anyways....

Nora is the dark purple suede that I fell in love with when I saw it on their website
Now I do love this color in the bottle it is extremely difficult to use. It is like working with a crackle polish. It is thick and dries very quickly and unevenly. This is not unusual for matte finish or suede polishes however. I should ave done a little research on these before getting them. 

  I do like the colour of this but you can defiantly see  the troubles I had using this. I wonder if a good base coat would help this....

If you would like to sign up for Julep`s monthly subscription for 1 penny you can go to their website

Disclaimer: This product was paid for with my own money. All opinions are my own.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Maybelline: Amethyst Ablaze

Hello dearies

I know I promised to not buy anymore Maybelline Color Show nail polishes but this one really caught my eye when I was in Walmart. In the bottle this polish is absolutely amazing and unique. It looks like a million small particles of silver and lilac gradients. 

The bottle is just so interesting....

 And then it turns into this. A bright metallic purple that looks almost like a foil.... I'm not sure why I dislike this so much. If it was 4 years ago I would have been all over this but right now I just feel tacky while I am wearing it. Maybe because I don't go tanning anymore?? 
I don't have a lot of experience with metallic nail polish which may be why I thought it would look exactly like the bottle. Overall this polish is very opaque and smooth. I'm not in love with the very tiny brush but I have had worse....


Friday, 1 February 2013

DIY: Perfume Plate

Hey Dolls 

I am relieved and stressed that it is the weekend. We are having Ava's birthday party this weekend and I want everything to be perfect. No matter how prepared I get I always feel like I am forgetting something. Not a good feeling. Anywho, I wanted to show you guys this super easy DIY that I recently did. I have seen tons of pretty mirrored and brass plates that people have been using for perfume and other knick knacks. I really really like them but have only been able to find some that cost a pretty penny!! And that is just not going to happen. So here is my alternative....

                                                     - Old Frame
                                                     - Paint (Whatever color you would like the bottom to be, I chose silver)
                                                     - Paintbrush &Newspaper to put under project

      Step One: Clean the frame (including the glass. I bought my frames from a thrift store so this step is especially important)
Step Two: Take the glass out of the frame and paint it. If it is not completely opaque do a second coat when completely dry.
Step Three: Place the glass back in the frame. I then placed a thick piece of cardboard in the back as well to make sure that it was very secure in the frame and would not slide around. However, this step is optional. 

                                        Watch Me Make My Perfume Plate
& that is it dolls!! This is super easy so I hope you all give it a try :)