Sunday, 27 May 2012

Catching Up

Hello Dollies❤❤
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! Ahh, I have been MIA for about two weeks because my dog chewed on my computer charger!! It still worked for a long time (which I really should not have done!!) but then one day I plugged it in and it started making these crazy crackling noises!! It was crazy I thought it was going to blow up!! Anyways I tried using my old laptop for a week or so but it was soooo slow!! But I am back and finally got myself a new charger :) I haven't done too much in the last two weeks but here is a couple little shots from what I have been up to!!

❤❤ In the big pic I put on fake eyelashes for the first time in years. I don't think I have the right technique though because I always need to do it numerous times and it always dries out my eyes!!
❤❤ I got a Micheal Kors bag!! Grant and Ava surprised me with it on Mothers day!! I am absolutely obsessed with it!!
❤❤ I went away for the night with some girlfriends!! First night away from my daughter since she was born!! It was hard but much needed!!


Friday, 11 May 2012

Guess's 30th Anniversary

Hey dollies ❤❤

 Happy Friday :) !! Has anyone checked out the absolutely amazing items from Guess's 30th anniversary collection?! Guess was my favourite brand all through high school and it is definetly still one of my top ten fave stores!! They have recreated favourtie items of the past and some of them are so darn cute!! They all are around $150  but Guess usually has pretty good quality!! Here is my top three want items from this collection!!

                                                                Happy Birthday Guess!!


Saturday, 5 May 2012


              Never settle for anything less then what you deserve ❤❤

Friday, 4 May 2012

Pretty Finds

Hey Dollies ❤❤

Hope your all have a fabulous friday :) Yesterday I went shopping and was so happy with the items I got!!  Take a look !!

I got:
A Mirrored Jewlery box ❤❤
Cargo Safari Collection
L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Replenishing Mask

                                            The Cargo Safari Collection included:
                                                     Blush in: Coral Beach
                                                    Lip Gloss in : Serengeti
                                            Triple Action Mascara in: Black
                                                   Eye Pencil in: Khaki
                                                Eye Shadow Duo in: ED-13

I am most excited about the Jewlery box !! I have been searching for a mirrored jewlery box for a good price forever!! I'm not sure if you guys have checked out my "Wishlist" page but Haysworth Stand up Jewlery box:
has been on my list for a while!! But its $419 and I have so many other wants that I would rather spend the $50 on the smaller one I got :) I also got the cargo Safari Collection for only $20 because someone had opended it. Have a great weekend Sweets ❤❤



Tuesday, 1 May 2012

At Home Gel Nails

Hello Dollies ❤❤

A few months ago I noticed this girl in my class that always had really cool gel nails. She always had funky colored tips but in a very cute sleek way. At first I just thought they were nice but didn't really think about getting fake nails because I haven't had mine done in about 4 years and I really hate the condition of my real nails afterwards. And I am really enjoying the look of natural nails that don't look so bulky!! But when I was watching youtube beauty channels I came accross a lot of people who do their own gel nails at home?! ( I seriously didn't know this was possible, don't you have to go to school for this?!) So I jumped right on Ebay and started ordering my supplies aaaaand had the absolute worst ebay experience of my life!! I just recieved my dryer today and it is May!!!! I had to deal with getting the wrong product and then sellers seriously trying to get out of paying a refund by avoiding every question I ask!! Anyways......

I rushed home today so I could try this out and man oh man was I dissapointed!! I don't know if it is the gel I bought or the Nail dryer. I am so turned off by Ebay right now. I know its cheap and you get what you pay for but come on?! Atleast work!! This took extremely long (after 30 minutes of trying to dry this I gave up and put a top coat on) and does it is definetly not what I was hoping it would look like. It is my first time so I am hoping I will get better and maybe even do a step by step tutorial (if they ever look good enough!!) but at the moment I am a little sad I trimed my nails to do this :(