Thursday, 19 May 2011

I went Shopping!!

Hey Dolls <3
Only one more day till the long weekend!! Who's excited?! I'm definetely am looking forward to it although I have heard that it is supposed to rain :( Nooooo!! I hope the weather man is wrong!! I was looking through my closet yesterday and found all my summer dresses and am so looking forward to wearing them. So the weather better stay nice or I'll be quiet upset!! Bring on the sunshine!! On the weekend I went shopping for some spring-y tops and panties. Woot-Woot!!
I used the gift cards I got for Easter from my momma<3

I got this absoluetly darling pale pink floral blouse. It was only $20 from Sakura

I usually buy Sakura clothes so I don't know if these are new bags or not but aren't they adorable?

I have been wanting a crop top for a while now and am very pleased with this!! It is perfect for summer!! I picked it up at Sirens for $16!!

They had atop just like this that I really wanted at Old Navy but I didn't get it because it was $30 (Yes, I know I'm extremely cheap) This one is exactly the same but I got it for only $10 at Sirens!!

I also picked up some t-shirts from Sirens. They are just plain v-neck t-shirts with pockets on the chest area. Exciting hey?! Two for seven dollars though!! Isn't that great!!

La Senza was having a great sale on cotton panties 8 pairs for $25!! They had so many cute patterns!!



Christina said...

Shopping is so much fun, especially when you're not paying for it yourself! Love that pink flowy's gorgeous


Wonderland Girl said...

You've made me wanna go shopping so much but I'm trying to save money haha. Gorgeous purchases! Especially the top that is the same as the Old Navy one - gorgeous and a bargain!

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Reckless Rekha. said...

lovely tops <3

FOREVER '92 said...

That is a cute crop top ^_^
-OMG I'm such a "panty whore" lol

cosmetic-junkie said...

thats tops so cute :) ahh i love la senza! lovely blog :)

KatXoXo said...

Christina-Exactly!! :) ♥
WonderLand Girl- I'm trying too...its best to stay away from the mall lol ♥
Reklass Rekha- Thanks hun ♥
Forever'92-Oh me too!! ♥
cosmetic-junkie-thanks love!! I love la senza too!! ♥

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

omg! I love the 2nd top!! :)

thanks for following my blog! :)

I really appreciate it!

followed your blog too!