Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day to all the Single Mommys!!

Hey Loves <3

I know today is Fathers day, but, today I am thanking my mother! Yes, I do have a father but he was only ever around when convenient for him!! My mother raised me and my sister all by herself. No weekends off, no evenings out, 24/7 of being mommy and daddy!! She taught me to be a strong independent women because you never know what is going to happen in life. You may not always have other people to rely on so you have to be able to rely on yourself! She was my best friend when she could be, and the crazy wardan hunting me down when I didn't make curfew. She was and always be my number one supporter, and is selfless beyond words! All single mothers deserve so much recognition! I can not imagine how scary it would be!! Love you mommikins <3



Czel said...

sweet! she really deserves recognition for being a great mom.♥ :)

Louise Cecilie said...

Really nice blog! :)

Louise Cecilie //

KatXoXo said...

Czel-Thanks love ♥
LouiseCecilie- Thanks hun ♥