Sunday, 12 June 2011

Picture Polish

Hey Loves ♥♥

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!! A while ago I won a great contest on the lovely Sara Hassan's blog. I love her blog so much!! She has great product posts multiple times a day and is always doing a giveaway!! I recomend you all check out her blog if you haven't already She was giving away three nail polish's from Picture Polish of your choice!! I love giveaway's where you get to choose the shade of the product!! It's like shopping!! And I love my shopping!! Anywho I chose these three colors:

                                     Left to right: Sky Wisteria Tiffany
                                     "Go on broaden your horizons"
This is definetly my favourtie choice. It is the most perfect ``Sky`` blue color!! SO easy to apply! But really, how hard is it to get a creamy polish right? This pastel color is so adorable and easy to wear with anything!! It goes great with all my spring outfits!!
                          ``Diamonds with breakfast``
Honestly, I picked this because of the name!! I already have a minty green polish but thought it would be a little darker like the actual Tiffany`s boxes. It wasn`t though. It was a nice minty color....just not the same as Tiffany`s. All the bottles had little sayings underneath the names of the color. I thought it was a cute little touch!!
                           ``All those quirky housewives out there!``
I am in looooove with this color!! It is amazing on my toes!! It is SO bright!! It looks amazing with a tan lol!! Like all three of these polish`s it was a dream to apply!! It was the perfect thickness so there was no streaks but did not take too long to dry. I think next time I`m going to put some flower nail stickers on to make it extra pretty!!

I never even heard of Picture Polish before Sara`s giveaway, but, I am very pleased with these polish`s!! Their nail polish ranges from around $9.95-$14.95. They have a great selection and they deliver international!! I am definetly going to be ordering from them in the future!! On my wishlist is:

                                                   ``Cult fashion icon for your nails``

``A sophisticated classic``
I am in desperate need of a good beige to go underneath light colors!! I want this so bad!! Sara did a post on this color here. I must say I love this color on it`s own as well!! Love it!!

  Ozotic Pro 604
They also have a line of holographic nail polish`s. I can`t wait to try one!! They have a few colors to choose from but this gold color is definetly my favourtie!!

You can browse the entire Picture Polish line here.



Sara.H said...

WOW! those colors look amazing on you :)

Rakhshanda said...

Gorgeous shades!!!

Jeeya (De Frozen) said...

tiffani looks great on you !!
congrats on winning such great colors your color selection is really cool.

nicoletta said...

wow gorgeous colours i love wisteria its perfect xx

JelenaDoll ~ said...

Congratulations on winning them. :) I really love the "sky" colour it looks so gorgeous on your nails. If only i could stop chewing mine to actually use nail polish. Bad habit i tell ya..bad habit.

Anonymous said...

Guapa, que perfecto! Me gusta el color azul, me voy a sueñar con el color jajaja

Tengo a un blog que habla de manicura, se te aptece a ver, va a ser un honor.


KatXoXo said...

Sara.H-Thanks!! I love them so much :) ♥
Rakshanda-Thanks ♥
Jeeya (defrozen)-Thanks hun! I Love the colors!! ♥
nicoletta-I knoooow! I love it it's so bright I can't help but look at my nails when its on!! ♥
JelenaDoll~ahhh yeah my sister has that problem!! It's a hard habbit to kick!! ♥
Unas de Colors- Thanks ♥

tomhal said...

thank you very much