Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Goals

Hello my lovely ladies

I have missed you all sooooo much but my school semester is FINALY over :) So now I will have tons of free time to blog!! YAY!! I have definetly missed being able to read my fave blogs everyday and being able to post on time. Since I am going to have so much free time I have a list of goals I would love to do before Septmeber.....
                                             1. Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly
I would love to get healthy and in shape but I don't want to make unrealistic goals so I'm simply saying a lifestyle change.

                                              2. Do a Huge Spring Cleaning
Since I was so busy with school I really neglected my housework. I need to go through my spare bedrooms, old clothes, drunk drawers, etc. I am such a hoarder and seriously need to get rid of so much crap I have!!

                                              3. Design my Own Blogger Template
I know most people do this already but I am kinda terrible with computers!! But I want something I can call my own and get to put all the things I love into it :) So I'm gonna figure out how!!

                                              4. Try and Find a Job
I'm still on maternity leave for another six months but I would like to go back to work part time. I really can only do that if I find something that pays more since I will now have to pay for childcare. I really hope to find something I enjoy working so much (I know I am weird but I love working lol)

                                               5. Learn to Cook
I do not cook. Ever. I can make Mac n cheese for myself but no one else will eat it lol. So I really need to start trying out some different dishes that I could cook for my daughter when she is older!!

Do any of you have any goals for the summer?


shopannies said...

sounds like some super summer goals for me

BeautyBehaved said...

great goals mamas<3

Connie said...

Hi There! New follower from the hop! Hope you can hop over to Girl Tech Divas and follow back!


Hunter87 said...

Nice goals...Im also learning how to cook I wish the best for both of us. About ur blog template Im also goin to b working on that Im terrible @ computers to.Best wishes =)

Mar said...

Hi Kat, you have such great activities for the summer! I wish you all the best in finding that perfect job! -Mar

Anonymous said...

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