Monday, 13 June 2011

NOTD: Silver Bullet and Sparked

Hey Dolls <3
How are you all?? I'm feeling very blah today!! Maybe cause the darn weather won't make up it's mind!! Seriously I'm done with this teasing of one hot day followed by five rainy days :( I want summer!! So to try and cheer myself up I painted my nails!! (painting my nails relaxes me!!) lol!! For real, I just love a freshly painted manicure!! I tried to get creative and add some sparkles buuut it got really thick cause I added so many coats and took forever to dry. Which in result ended up with one of my fingers smudging!! Ahhh, I was not impressed at all!!
                        I used: Rimmel London 60 Second's in 730 Silver Bullet (Left)
                                             Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Sparked

Ahhh, no one take notice to my short thumb nail!! I got a little file happy and made it way too short!! Other then my wonky nails I love this color!! It is good for any season!! Rimmel London (like many other companies) is now doing the easy application brush or like they call it "Xpress Brush 1 Second Application". Which if you all don't already know I love!! My nails are the perfect shape for the wider brushes!! I hate having to "double dip" my bruh for one coat!! You would think that this color would need lots of coats but I only did two and was happy with it.

I then added some Pink sparkles to make it a little more fun!! I've been really lazy about my nails lately and have not tried to anything interesting with them!! But I decided this was a quick and easy way to make it look a little more interesting!!  I did about three thick coats on the tip part of my nail then another very thin coat going a little higher up to make it look like it was fading down. I like the look of it but it took forever to dry!! And if you noticed in the pic my middle finger is smudged :( I hate when that happens!! Oh goes on!! :) Hope you all enjoy your evenings!!



Nadine Natalin said...

nice notd :) love the gliterry effect

KatXoXo said...

why thank you :) ♥

Miss Moots said...

its very nice sweety