Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Cargo Mascara

Hey Dolls ❤❤

Today I am doing a review on my new found love, Cargo Triple 3 Mascara!! I have never bought anything other then drugstore mascara and was completely blown away when I tried this product!!

 This product promises to curl,lengthen and thicken your lashes!! I don't know if it fully curls but it takes my lashes to lengths they have never seen!!

                                            - Extremley lengthens your lashes!!
                                                     -Lasts all day long!! 
                                              -adds a natural curl to my lashes.
                                                 -Great Jet Black coloring!!

                                -Is not the most thickening mascara
                                                     - The packaging is very boring
                                 - It is a Standard Wand (I prefer smaller curved wands!!)

Overall, I really did have to knit pick to find con's about this product!! This mascara retails for $20.00 US but I bought it in Cargo's Safari Kit which retails for $35 but includes tons of other goodies!! Would I repurchase?? I would if I would be willing to spend more then $10 on mascara!! I would buy another Cargo kit that includes a mascara though!!



Carrie said...

i am a sucker for good mascaras. this sounds good. i'll give it a try after i finish my current one. thanks for the review!!!

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Kato Kaka said...

I rub my eyes too much to wear mascara...I wish that I didn't!

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

Looks good i'll check it out :) xo the too faced lash/gasm is really good ;)

Stephanie said...

Ooh, it lengthens your lashes, sounds cool! =)

KatXoXo said...

@ Carrie- I always get suckered into ones that I hear lots of hype about but they never work out for me!! lol!!
@KatoKako- AHH!! I do that as well lol!! Especially when I haven't worn make up in a few days lol!! I always carry extra for touh up ;)
@Barbara Tamez-Thanks Lovie!! I will have to give that one a try!!
@Stephanie- It does!! Love it!! :)

Anonymous said...

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