Sunday, 5 August 2012

China Glaze: Kalahari Kiss

Hey Girlies ❤❤

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!! I thought I would share a nail varnish that I got at the begining of July at Sally Beauty Supply in Seattle. It is China Glaze's Kalahari Kiss from the Safari collection. I don't know why but I only have a few China Glaze in my collection (probably because I was obsessed with only OPI for so long!!) but I absolutely am in love with this colour!! It is a beige color with a hint of yellow undertone. It reminds me of men's khaki pants (obviously why it is in the Safari collection lol!!). I think it is so unique and next time I wear it I am going to try and put cheetah spots on my accent nails!!

Do you guys like this colour as much as I do?? What is your favorite China Glaze polish??



MariaSelf said...

I've never seen a nail polish color like that - looks very unique and stylish!

Michelle Neverendingstory said...

Hi, Thank U for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm so glad you like it.
I like your color nail polish:)

Anonymous said...

i've never seen that colour before, or heard of the brand. interesting. cute blog too by the way =)

gvozdiShe said...

Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

Aleksandra said...

Haven't tried them yet, this one looks interesting!

Meredith Anne said...

Looks pretty on you!

Janine said...

I am so careful with yellow polish but this one looks very good and not too "loud". My favorite right now is hang ten toes from the summer neons.
I just posted a review with swatches of the elf blushes if you want to check it out :)

lucia m said...

loving the nails!!


Shang J. said...

Oh wow this is a beautiful nail colour! :D

Shang J. said...

Oh wow this is a beautiful nail colour! :D

Gianella Peralta said...

I like the shade on you. It makes your fingers look even longer and softer :)

My Bathroom/Wardrobe Is My Castle said...

Awwww, that's an amazing colour; very unique.
Love it! Thank you for sharing.

Have a great day,

Miss Laia said...

I really like the golden tone but I haven't heard of that brand before I'm obsessed with Essie.

Anonymous said...

I love yellow nailpolish in summer :)) Have a great day, xo.

Kat said...

such a beautiful color!!! love it :D

Jacqui said...

Hi there! New follower here *waves* Kalahari Kiss looks fantastic on you! I am a huge fan of China Glaze, they are probably my favorite brand!! Some of my favorites (and ones that everyone should have!) are Emerald Sparkle, Ruby Pumps, and For Audrey =)

Marie said...

It's a unique neutral, good for summer.

My favorite would be Ruby Pumps.:D

- Marie

KatXoXo said...

@MariaSelf-I know thats why I ujst had to get it!! It really stood out to me!! :)
@MichelleNeverEndingStory-Thank you!! :)
@Shelly Anne- Thank you!! You've never heard of China Glaze?! Crazyness lol :)
@gvozdiShe- Thank you!! Of course, I follow all my readers :)
@Aleksandra- I have only tried a few but am loving so far!!
@Meridith Anne-Thank you so much :)
@Janine-I love their Neon collection :)
@Lucia M- Thanks dear :)
@Shang J- Thank you so much :)
@Ginealla Pernalta-aww thank you!! That is always a plus!!
@My Bathroom Wardrobe is my castle- Thank you doll :)
@Miss Laia- They are a pretty good brand. I am obsessed with Essie too!! They have so many great shades!!
@Kat Vanilla- Thank you, you as well :)
@Kat- Thanks Kat lol!! :)
@Jacqui- aww thank you!! I LOVE for Audrey!! It is such a perfect color!! :)
@Marie- I think so too!! :)

jennie said...

Ooh it's so pretty, a really unusual colour but it's gorgeous! ox

Mahoni said...

i love this polish!

Kato Kaka said...

I love that color a lot!