Tuesday, 1 May 2012

At Home Gel Nails

Hello Dollies ❤❤

A few months ago I noticed this girl in my class that always had really cool gel nails. She always had funky colored tips but in a very cute sleek way. At first I just thought they were nice but didn't really think about getting fake nails because I haven't had mine done in about 4 years and I really hate the condition of my real nails afterwards. And I am really enjoying the look of natural nails that don't look so bulky!! But when I was watching youtube beauty channels I came accross a lot of people who do their own gel nails at home?! ( I seriously didn't know this was possible, don't you have to go to school for this?!) So I jumped right on Ebay and started ordering my supplies aaaaand had the absolute worst ebay experience of my life!! I just recieved my dryer today and it is May!!!! I had to deal with getting the wrong product and then sellers seriously trying to get out of paying a refund by avoiding every question I ask!! Anyways......

I rushed home today so I could try this out and man oh man was I dissapointed!! I don't know if it is the gel I bought or the Nail dryer. I am so turned off by Ebay right now. I know its cheap and you get what you pay for but come on?! Atleast work!! This took extremely long (after 30 minutes of trying to dry this I gave up and put a top coat on) and does it is definetly not what I was hoping it would look like. It is my first time so I am hoping I will get better and maybe even do a step by step tutorial (if they ever look good enough!!) but at the moment I am a little sad I trimed my nails to do this :(



Marib Maqsood said...

awh thats sad to hear, better luck next time hun <3

Fabrizia said...

Wow, very nice manicure! I like this post so much!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Hunter87 said...

Great Post
I like to do my nail all the time.

Bubble My Licorice said...

omg your nails are awesome :)
great post!


Maryam Maquillage said...

beautiful!! I love glitter tips :))

G A B Y said...

I wish I had the patience to do this myself too, your nails look awesome, love the glitters!

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful nails! I love the tips. You have such a cute blog =)

Suzie Q
Style Cue by Suzie Q
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KatXoXo said...

@MaribMaqsood- Thanks hun :) I'm sure with practise I will get the hang of it!! ❤❤

@Fabrizia- Thank you so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I will definetly check your blog out ❤❤

@Hunter87- Thanks :) I think I like to do others fake nails better then my own lol ❤❤

@Bubble My Licorice- Thank you so much :) ❤❤

@Maryam Maquillage- Thank you!! So do I!! :) ❤❤

@G A B Y- lol I don't!! I get very frusterated haha!! ❤❤

@Suzie Q- Thank you so much :) I will definetly check you out!! ❤❤

Lateefah said...

i really wanna try this at home looks cool
nice blog


Yolandaas said...

Great post! I tried those do it yourself kits at home before.. It's really easy xx

Janine said...

I am doing my gel nails by myself too. I needed a little to find out how it works best for me and it needs around 2 hours, but i prefer the DIY cause it saved me hundreds on euros (and dollars) and i can do the nails however i want them and change it if i don't like it. I have very thin natural nails so this is just the best method for me! I use the same gel as well