Friday, 11 May 2012

Guess's 30th Anniversary

Hey dollies ❤❤

 Happy Friday :) !! Has anyone checked out the absolutely amazing items from Guess's 30th anniversary collection?! Guess was my favourite brand all through high school and it is definetly still one of my top ten fave stores!! They have recreated favourtie items of the past and some of them are so darn cute!! They all are around $150  but Guess usually has pretty good quality!! Here is my top three want items from this collection!!

                                                                Happy Birthday Guess!!



My Bathroom/Wardrobe Is My Castle said...

Lovely post and a great blog.

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EMMA WunderBAR said...

Cool Blog :)
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Arika Yasmine said...

Happy 30th anniversary for guess...
Stay sexy & fabulous!

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Gabriele V. said...

Hello dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?

have a nice day!

Stephanie said...

I used to love Guess. I actually don't know why I stopped buying stuff from them...

Wonderland Girl said...

I absolutely adore that first pair of trousers - they're so cute!!! I think the second pair would probably be a more flttering print on my legs though :L:L:L
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Nini said...

i love it

fitness apparel said...

wow, movement of knee with your favourite brand is good. Nice collection.

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

omg I want everything!!! ♥

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The flower trousers are so lovely :D

Marie said...

Can't believe it's been 30 years! I grew up with this brand.:D

***** Marie *****

Maryam Maquillage said...

love the purses!!

KatXoXo said...

@My bathroom/wardrobe is my castle- Thanks love :)

@EMMA wunderBAR- Great thank you :)

@Arika Yasmine- Love them :)

@Gabrielle V.- Defintely love :)

@Stephanie- I've loved them forever!!

@Wonderland Girl- I know I'm not sure how good they would look on me but the model rocked them :)

@Nini- :)

@fitness Aparel- Thanks

@Barbara Tamez- I know!! me too :)

@Carolyn Ergy Erg- they are my favourite out of the collection!!

@Marie- I know me too!!

@Maryam Maquillage- I know!! I saw it in stores though and it is way too small for me!! More like a wallet with a string!!