Thursday, 7 April 2011

My First Award!!

Yesterday I was so pleased to find out that the lovely miss Heather from Simply Heather gave me A Verstaile Blogger Award!! It makes me so happy to know that someone is actually looking at my blog and enjoys reading it :) Thank you so much Heather!! & I would like t nominate all my lovely readers becauyou all deserves an award!!

                                 & Here is the seven things about me that you all may not know

                                                  1.I hate any food artificaly colored red.
                                                  2.I am addicted to diet coke.

       3.I have a pomeranian named Princeton who loves to wear pink

  4.I can spend hours clipping out clothes I love in Fashion magazines

          5.When I was younger I believed that everyone had a long lost twin

         6.When I was 8 I had a band called the Pepper Girls (like the Spice Girls)

                                                  7.I am addicted to reality tv



Anonymous said...

your dog is gooorgeous! xx

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Congratulations on your award. I know what you mean about fashion magazines and clothes.

Sara.H said...

Congrats on your award :) Your dog is so CUTE!

Rebecca Clairine said...

congratulation for the award !


KatXoXo said...

Sarah-Thanks!! That was the first day I got him!!
Charlotte-Thanks! I have boxes full it drives my bf crazy!!
Sara-Thanks!! He was a puppy there lol
Rebecca-Thgank you!!

Mrs.Makeup said...

Your dog is too cute!

Love your blog,I am now a follower :)