Saturday, 9 April 2011

Catching up!!

Heeeey Everyone,
On Thursday I finaly got my car back from Grant so I've been out the last two days visitng my mom and sister and catching up with people at work!! It's been so nice out lately that I haven't wanted to stay inside!!
So I have definetely NOT been keeping up with my challenge. I've missed the last two days, so that is three days in total that I have missed. So in this post I am going to two in one on this one okay lol. So here we go:

                             My Day In Pictures:
   I wake up to my darling daughter Ava!! I'm on mat-leave right now so I get to take care of her all day :)
When Ava naps I cook lunch and clean and all my "housewife" stuff lol!!
I usually go visit my mom and my sister and they run errands with me and Ava :)

& then Grant comes home and makes me dinner(Yes HE cooks lol) and then we spend quiet nights at home..

  && A Hairtsyle I would like to have:

I looong for long hair with loose curls and a nice little bump!! I have extensions and have tried to do my hair like this but it just never looks this amazing :( lol
 What hairstyles do you guys wish you had??



CrossxMyxHart said...

awwww... your baby is so cute! Good hair is just so hard to pull off isn't it?

nicoletta said...

Your daughter is beautiful, just found your blog x

cosmetic-junkie said...

your daughters soo cute! vanessa hudgens has amazing hair, so jealous! x

Michelle said...

Yeah, this is my favorite hairstyle! Sometimes I try to do it too, but I need to buy a babyliss for have this effect.

Kisses xoxo

KatXoXo said...

crossxmyxhart:Thanks love ♥
nicoletta:Thank you :)
cosmetic-junkie:Thanks, I know me too!!
Michelle-Mine too!! What is babyliss??