Friday, 4 April 2014

Introducing Austyn Elizabeth ❤

Hi loves ❤❤
I haven't been doing posts about 'life' as often as I used to but I thought that introducing my new little one was a big enough reason! I am going to dedicate this entire post to Miss Austyn Elizabeth and share some photos of her :)

Miss Austyn made her arrival on February 11th (I can not believe she is almost 2 months old!) It definitely has been a transition bringing a new baby into our house, but I must say that  it was definitely a lot easier then having my first daughter! Which is funny because had warned me how much different it would be after two. I think I have grown so much patience by having Ava that having a 2nd child did not seem like a huge difference. I am sure that will all change when Austyn becomes more mobile and I am running after two! But for now I am really enjoying having both my girls and spending as much time with them before I have to go back to work!
                                                         Thanks for reading :)



Shopping Obsession said...

cutie pies! Congrats!

A Delicate Rosie Beauty said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter said...

Congratulations, she is beautiful - but so are both of your girls. And I cannot believe that with two little ones, you still have time to blog - With our 10 month old boy, I definitely haven't got as much time anymore - so like you, general posts about life etc are far between..

Yetunde Bakare said...

wow she looks so cute and thanks for stopping by on my blog. I followed you back.

Mihaela Pojogu said...

You have 2 beautiful girls! Thank you for following me, here I'm following you too.

Meesha Kaw said...

Congratulations! Baby girl is so adorable. :)

Elena Sergeeva said...

She is such a darling! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, just followed you back! Happy Sunday xoxo ES

Suvarna Gold said...

cool :)just let me know and leave me your link and I follow back.

cute baby <333 I love the photos!!