Monday, 25 November 2013

Equate Nail Polish Remover Pads

Hey Loves ❤❤
I have always been curious about nail polish remover pads and when I was travelling this summer I thought it was a perfect excuse to try some out. I must say I did have a lot of expectations from these pads. Since they were literally soaking in remover and were a thicker pad I thought they would make removing nail polish a breeze. Not so much luck.....
                                          Price: $2 per 10 packs Available at Wal Mart
                                                                     Rating: 2/5

I have heard that some people prefer to use remover pads for glitter or hard to get off polishes because they are so much more effective then normal remover. This promises that the pad is extra thick which it is. It also promises that one pad removes all ten nails. Not so much.....more like two nails if you are lucky (and that is even on the easiest cream polish) You have to really really work to bring the easiest nail polish off. This is honestly the most in-convenient way to take off nail polish. I am thinking that it may be because it is acetone free but I have used Equate acetone free remover before and it worked better then these pads. Needless to say I will be sticking to the traditional removal process from now on!



Erica D said...

Well thanks for the info, I need more remover and I won`t get these, I don`t think that it would be enough remover anyway. I use the traditional Sally Hansen remover, I try to get the one that says it removes everything even dark polish and I also use the sponge that comes in that jar and you kind of dip your fingers in and hold them in there, that is good for glitter because it is really saturated and you can soak it off.

NikkisNailFiles said...

Hey girl, thank you so much for not only visiting my little nail blog but also leaving a comment! I so appreciate it and I hope you will visit again soon! I wanted to check out your blog once I saw you had one too (I'm a new follower now) and I really like your posts. I tried the Avon version of nail polish remover pads maybe a year ago and I wasn't too jazzed about those either. Maybe it's just an across the board thing with polish remover pads. Or maybe I'm just a snob about my nail polish remover?? Let me know if you find pads that work really well. They would be great for traveling!

Jenn M said...

HI there.. following back! :) Loooving your blog!!!


Sergio Alba said...

Love your blog!!!
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The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter said...

These pads look perfect for travelling. I have some that come in a little round plastic case, and they work brilliantly, a little expensive compared to normal nail polish remover, but so worth it when you travel.

And thanks heaps for vising and following my blog, I'm now following yours too!

Anonymous said...

i use these pads every time i take off my nail polish ...very handy :) would you like to follow each other :) xx