Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Essie Avenue Maintain

Hey Dolls ❤❤
Long time no chat? I went away for two weeks (separate trips) throughout June and spent the rest of the month preparing for these trips. So that's why I have been absent for an entire month!! On to the polish....

For some reason I do not have too many Essie nail polish in my collection. I really don't know why because they come out with such pretty polishes. All of their new collections that have come out lately have forced me to break my Essie drought. One of the colors I picked up was Avenue Maintain from the Madison Aven-hue collection. This color is absolutely gorgeous but I will admit that I was quiet intimidated by this color when it was in the bottle (what blue doesn't intimidate me though?!) 

I found this color to be the perfect mix between bright and muted, the perfect blue. I like this on my fingers and I love it on my toes! The formula is the right type of thick and gloss without being streaky which is a problem I found with old Essie formula. I definitely think this is a must have in any collection. Especially if your someone like me who is terrified to wear blue!



Meesha Kaw said...

Ou that color really suits you... when I saw this color I really wanted to get it, but it did not look as nice on me. I felt like it made my hands look dull. It looks on your skin tone like I imagined it from the bottle. :)


Jazmin Hunter said...

Very pretty color blue!!!

Lindsay said...

Such a pretty color! It really works with your skin tone.

Cece D said...

Oh this is lovely!

Kato Pandorah's Box said...

I absolutely adore this color! I might have to pick this one up for myself!

Jasminecara said...

That's such a lovely colour :)



Greeklicious said...

Wow. What a beautyful colour <3


very pretty :)

Katherine Unique said...

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KatXoXo said...

@Meesha Kaw- My sister said the same thing when she wore it!

@Jazmin Hunter- Thanks love ♥

@Lindsay- Thanks dear :)

@Cece D- Thank you!

@Kato- You should, it is a very fun color! Definitely would suit you!

@JasmineCara- Thank you very much :)

@Greeklicious- I love it!!

@ANDSTYLE- Thanks ♥

@Katherine Unique- Thanks hun, I would love to check out your blog :)