Friday, 10 May 2013

The Balm Shady Lady Palette

Hello Lovely Ladies  ❤❤
Happy Friday!! Hope it is sunny where ever you are!! I wanted to share some swatches from a recent palette I purchased. I have been loving eyeshadows from The Balm SO much!! They are great quality and gorgeous colors!! What more could you ask for in a palette??

This is the first installment of the Shady Lady Palettes. Each palette comes with 9 eyeshadows. Most are pearlescent  shimmer shadows but there is a few with some glitter in them as well. I love these palettes because the colors are all very wearable!!

                 The above swatches are without Eye Primer and the Below are with.
                                                             From Left to Right:
   Caught In the Act Courtney A brown Glitter (Although None of the glitter transferred to skin)
     Shameless Shana A lovely chocolate brown with just the right amount of shimmer.
    Luscious Lani A light champagne pink. This one was the least pigmented of the bunch. 
Jealous Jordana A very dark Forest Green. It is so dark it comes off as black but you can definitely see the green in real life. It also does not transfer those glitters onto the skin that well.
Risque Renee A Dark Royal Blue. The glitter in this is a little more noticeable. This is very pigmented. A little goes a long way. 
Curvy Cami A nice light purple with gold glitters. This one surprised with how much I liked it on the skin!!
Jet Setting Jennifer A yellow toned gold. It pairs perfectly with any of these shadows!! 
All About Alex A very nice camo color. I was scared this would be too dark but it is a really nice and easy color to work with.
Easy Wheezie A nice stary blue. This is the kind of blue that I love to wear. It is right inbetween dark and light. 

I use this palette at least two days out of the week if not more. I have been using Luscious Lani and Shameless Shana together as my go to look when I don't have time to experiment with something new. I also have used Easy Wheezie a few times as a really nice dark blue eye for the night. My most used shadow of the bunch has to be Jet Setting Jennifer. I use this in my crease all the time even when I am using colors from other palettes as well!! I definitely recommend this palette!! The eyeshadows are two times bigger then the average palette and the price of the palette is on the cheaper side of most palettes. You definitely get your moneys worth!! I found some on Amazon for only $29 Here!!

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BeautyBehaved said...

havent tried any of the balm products really wanna try the nude attude palette, do they sell them at ulta?
or where can u get the balm?

<3 love your swatches

Shahara Perez said...

Haven't tried any products of this brand! Would love to try it now! Lovely shade of colors! <3

I hope you can check my blog back? I am trying to get back on track! And here's my latest new blog post slash rant post lol (random life updates)


A N D Y S T Y L E said...

is so beautiful, love it, you have great post and you have a new follower, follow back, if you like ;)

AS Style & Design said...

Very nice colours!!!!
Following you honey.

AS Style & Design said...

Very nice colours!!!!
Following you honey.

Lindsay said...

Curvy Cami is such a pretty color! I'm always on the lookout for colors that would work well with brown eyes, and that one is fabulous. :)

Evi said...

Love all the colors!Great post! Would you like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin' and facebook?

Evi xoxo

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Darina said...

Nice post!
Check out my new blog post! :) And what do you thing... do you wanna follow each other?

Cate EC said...

Had to have a look at your blog because I loved the name so much and glad I did! Gorgeous swatches and a really good, detailed review! :) xoxo

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

I LOVE the balm!!!! Seriously its crazy the amount of makeup i have from the balm love love love it & its has great pigment , you should get the "mary lou " highlight & the nude tude palette they are the best!!!

Kato Pandorah's Box said...

Those are super pretty! I like almost all the colours!

Marianna said...

hi! great blog!!! pretty colours!!
see ya!
xxx Marianna

Melissa D said...

Great review! I love 'The Balm' products. I've just discovered your blog and I've really enjoyed reading through it. I'm new to blogging and I'm trying to get people to take a look at it. I'd really appreciate if you could take a look. Would you like to follow each other via Bloglovin? If yes just leave a comment on my blog and I'll follow.

Thanks heaps