Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Essie Grow Stronger Review

Hello Dolls ❤❤
I used to love going to the salon every two weeks to get my nails done but now that I am a mom I don`t have the time or the $$ for it. For the last few years I have been obsessed with trying to grow out my natural nails and keep them strong!!  I picked up Essie Grow Stronger last summer and have been using ever since. My bottle is on its last legs so I thought I might as well do a review before it is completely empty. 
Essie Grow Stronger retails for between $8-$10 in drugstores. I was lucky enough to find in the clearance bin for $4! 
Okay, So first of all my nails are not the worst when I don't use anything. I'd say they would be around the same length of my broken middle nail below. I am not a nail biter but I am very ruff on my nails. I am cleaning and playing with Ava, taking care of my dog and everything in between. Which means my nails get a lot of wear and tear. On a second note, to get the length I have now I use other products paired with nail strengthener (such as cutical oil, Vitamins, and Nail treatments)
Essie Grow Stronger is the third nail strengthener I have tried. I must say that most nail strengtheners are similar in growth (which is my main goal) The formulas I have found to be a lot different between brands and how strong they make my nails feel. Sadly, Essie has been my least favorite. My nails were slightly stronger but I noticed a lot of peeling when I used this product compared to others. When I paired this with cutical oil it did the trick of strengthening but I still had some peeling going on which is why I always seem to have a finger or two that are way shorter then the rest. 


  • Lengthens
  • Affordable
  • Fast results

  • Slightly thick formula
  • Peeling to the nail

I don't think I would repurchase this right now. It was average, nothing special. There is others for similar price that I prefer to this one. Have any of you tried this product??

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Kay said...

Just another reason that sadly the most popular brands and more high end brands aren't always that great. I often find that more affordable brands have the same ingredients or better ingredients they just lack in the packaging department. With a product like nail strengthener, who cares what the packaging looks like! Right?
Thanks for the helpful information!


California DY Diva

Jazmin Hunter said...

Great post!
Next time Im at the store I want to looks and see if I can get this one.

Nee said...

heyy sweety, thanks so much for your visit:) hope you had a good day so far! i think doing nails on your own is so much cooler than to get them done hihi. and it saves a lot of money too! lots of love <33

Anonymous said...

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dana @ wonder forest said...

Noted, thanks!
also, I have never been to a nail salon, is that weird?
xo Dana
wonder forest

M+K said...

we haven't tried this before but it sounds interesting. We've never been to a nail salon because we prefer to paint our nails at home. We're self confessed nail polish hoarders too so it gives us an excuse to stock up on all the colours imaginable!


Lindsay said...

Interesting! I have yet to buy any Essie nail polish (why, I don't know), but I'm always looking for something that strengthens my nails. They're really brittle.

Kato Pandorah's Box said...

I need a good nail strengthener....I won't be trying this one on your review! Thank you!