Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Valentine's Day

Hey Beauties 

Happy Valentine's day!! I hope you all had an amazing and love filled day!! Me and Ava spent the day preparing goodies for Grant (Which for the first time actually kind of--sort of turned out, they Were eatable!!) Usually I like to do homemade wrapping paper and homemade cards for Valentines Day but this year I tried to do some baking for my gifts!! I made Grant some Chocolate chip cookies with coconut and walnuts. And tomorrow I am going to make my mom and sister some pretzel-kiss-m&m bites since I will not be seeing them until Saturday (I will post some pics so you can see what they look like!!)

      And of course my lovies got me some very cute gifts!!

Grant and Ava gave me the beautiful flowers and Chocolate (as well as a card)
And my mom gave me the Nail polish set and Marie Claire magazine!!
The Roses were so pretty!! A few of them had little diamond cuffs around them and a Glitter butterfly in the center. So pretty!!
 My mom knows how much I love getting mini-sets of nail polish. I believe this was a Christmas collection.
             Left to Right: All Kendall-ed Up, Kim-pletely in Love, Sealed with a Kris (this was on my wishlist!!)   and Wear Something Spar-Kylie.

                    What did you all do for Valentine's day??


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Gorgeous flowers! Those polishes are so pretty! :)

Ashii said...

aww lucky girl with the flowers & nail polish! The cookies look delish, too! yuumm.

Veronika LittleAlien said...

really nice valentine day :)))


JoJo said...

I love roses :)

KatXoXo said...

@JacendaLeeAnne- Thanks dear!! Hope you got to spend the day with your husband :)

@Ashii- I am :) Hope you had a wonderful day love!!

@Veronika Little Alien- Thanks sweetie!!

@JoJo- Me too!! Always such a nice surprise!! :)

Jolie said...

Beautiful presents! Nail polish especialy :)))

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

I received lots of cards &
Chocolates , the nail polishes look super cute & omg love the roses <333

Sian said...

I had valentines day a day late as my fiance was working, he cooked a lovely dinner! xx

Crystalnextdoor said...

Looks like you had a great day and the cookies look yummy!

Kato Pandorah's Box said...

So sweet! Those cookies look delicious!!!