Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cinderella Palette

Hey Dolls
I must say I have been a pretty crappy blogger lately. Every time I go to work on a post I seem to be distracted by something holiday related. Now that everything holiday is officially over I can try and put my focus back onto PeaceLoveFashion!! I have been on a makeup binge lately so I will have beauty posts galore for you all!! And to start it off is the Cinderella Palette from Sephora :)

As soon as I found out that Sephora was going to do Disney Princess palette's I was extremely excited. I love Disney anything so it was easy for me to run to Sephora and purchase this palette without even looking at the colors. (or maybe stupid but who knows lol!!) I hadn't seen any swatches or reviews, which is so unlike me. But thankfully this palette is gorgeous!!

This Palette features 20 shades of Cinderella inspired colors, all of whom have their own cutsey Cinderella inspred names!!

From Right to Left:
Maiden, All Glow, Destined, Cinderelly, & Pumpkin Coach
All a glow is definetly my most used out of this row but I am very intrigued Cinderelly. I would love to branch out into more shades like this pale green!! It is so gorgeous but I could see it easily becoming a disaster!!

Right to Left:
Ball Gown, Kill Joy, Fairy Godmother, Glass Slipper, Royal.
Now this is probably my least favourite row of the palette. I know they obviously needed to put blue in the palette because it is Cinderella but com on....Royal. You could look like a bad 80s music video in this color!! Fair godmother and Glass Slipper are a little more workable but I just do not think that blue is my friend!!

Right to Left:
Gus Gus, Charming, Chateau, Palace, & Drizella.
This is without a doubt my favourite row!! I love every single color here!! Gus Gus and Chateau are the most gorgeous colors I own!! These are all so pigmented and absolute dream to use!!

Right to Left:
Cinders, Jaq, Midnight, A Wish, Rococo.
This row is also a gorgeous one!! Midnight is such a gorgeous blue that I actually like the glitters (Shock!!) Whatès surprises me is how great these are to apply despite their glitters!!

All in all I must have to say I am loving this palette. Other then a few of the shadows all are very usable in everyday looks which is exactly what I look for in a palette!! The only thing that is a downside is the price. The Canadian price for this is $66 which is pretty steap for a Sephora palette. I would definetly repurchase this!! :)



Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

LOVE this! I adore the Sephora collections, I have a few things from their Karl Lagerfeld one, but I NEED Disney ones! I'm not going to be in America till May, and we sadly don't have Sephora here so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed there's 1 left in the corner of the Broadway Sephora when I get there :L

Anonymous said...

Ooooh do a Christmas haul!

Marib Maqsood said...

The packaging is gorgeous! :)

Shuikaybb said...

This palette looks gorgeous!!! I wished they had a sephora here :(

Mari ♥ said...

thank you for your comment :)

Lisina Betty said...

lovely blog....amazing giveaway on our blog

evie said...

it looks like very nice, like dream! I looking forward for your next eye make up with it:)

Ashii said...

That Cinderella palette is too gorgeous to resist! Lots of pretty colours, great buy. x

Ashley Elizabeth said...

I think you just sold me...totally just added this set to my wish list!! Such gorgeous colors and tones!

- Ashley Elizabeth
( )

Kato Kaka said...

Oooo! Pretty! If I knew how to even apply make up I would most definitely go for this palette!

Clau said...

The eyeshadow pallet is so adorable. Also the colors are very beautiful. I like a lot. I hope this came to my country too.

CinnamonKandy said...

I've been debating on getting this palette and I think you've convinced me! ...if my Sephora still has one! Great review =)