Friday, 7 December 2012

L'Oreal Paris: Versailles Romance

Hello my Deary's 

I'm trying to pack for my little weekend winter getaway and man oh man packing for a husband and two year old is stressful!! Especially when there is snow involved!! (you never know how many changes of clothes you may need!!) So to take my mind off of the crazyness I decided to do a little blog post on a polish I got back in September. I tried a teal L'oreal Paris (Club Prive I believe!!) back in May and absolutely loved it, so I decided to try a few more when they restocked their shelves with new colors.

This is Versailles Romance. It is a very nice peachy color with some shimmers in it. Of course it is very sheer but the formula is great so even with three coats it dries fast and doesnt fill thick and heavy. I like this color but not on me!! It is definetly not a good match for my skin tone so I think this one will be passed down to my sister!!

ps-eeeek look at my pinky nail!! It's so small and sad!! My nails were doing so fantastic and all of a sudden they are falling apart again :(

                                       Do any of you recommend any great L'Oreal Paris polishes??



Beauty on a College budget said...

This is the only l'oreal polish I own. I like it, but eh. Summer only polish for me. I did like that like you said it's not thick.

life is style said...

great blog, just found you.
following now, hope yo do the same..
great color, kisses :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!
Lovin those nails!!


yiqin; said...

the nails are <3

KarenD said...

I have a feeling this color wouldn't flatter me either. I've really liked some of the LE glitters that L'Oreal has come out with lately.

Kato Kaka said...

It's a nice colour!! I don't own a peach coloured nail polish.....

I want to hear about your winter getaway! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Alba said...


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Carrie said...

i like how simple and clean this color is. i hope you have fun on your trip!!! and be safe. :D


Clau said...

The Coral is very beautifull :)

Daria . Annabelle said...

hey nice blog!
like to follow each other?

MuffinCannibal said...

I love the colour of this nail polish <3
Merry Christmas! ;)