Friday, 21 September 2012

September Julep Box & October Preview!!

Hey Dolls ❤❤Hope you are all having a fantastic day and are pumped for the weekend!! I wanted to share what I recieved from Julep this month and will also link the Un-boxing video I made!!

This month I recieved three polishes & one mascara for 19.99!! Since this was my first monthly box (last month was an intro box!!) I recieved an add-on nail polish of my choice!! I chose to add Sophie (The mushroom cream polish)!! I chose the Bombshell box this month because I was extremly interested in trying the mascara out and the Alma color looked gorgeous!! I definetly am loving the Alma polish and will give you a full review on the mascara when I have used it a few more times!! So far I do have positives and negatives about it!!

Here is the Video I made on this box:

Okay..Now for the October previews!!

This month Julep featured Crackles and Quick-Dry drops in there boxes. Now let`s be honest, crackles are old two years old news!! For the other colors included in the box, many of them were not new colors and had been included in boxes before. After many complaints Julep gave a sixth option which included the three cream colors that were included in this Bewitching Collection. I myself and 98% sure I am skipping this month. Julep is hanging a ``Secret Shop`` for all those who do not skip the month (which could or could not include suedes!!) I really really want in on this Secret shop mainly because I want all the suedes but on the other hand I feel like we are already promised exclusives just for being a maven so why am I being manipulated into buying polishes that I don`t want!! If I do end up getting the October box I will definetly be getting It-Girl because Caroline and Leslie are the most unique out of the bunch (although I feel like I could probably find similar colors in my collection already...)

  Hope you all have a fantastic day & if you have a Julep Maven post please link it below I would love to check it out!!



DIY...Beauty Tips said...

loved the blue color!

Jessille said...

Amazing box

Sick by Trend said...

Cool post :)


Psycho Cat said...

Very cute nail polishes, love the color :)

Marib Maqsood said...

The shade sophie looks amazinggg

Kato Kaka said...

Prezzies, especially nail polish in the mail, are wonderful!!

blackberryfashion said...

beautiful colors :)

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

Love mascara & nail polishes i have to try this xoxoxo