Wednesday, 21 September 2011

OOTD & current goals

Hey girly's <3
Okay I`m going to be honest this is not an OOTD this is more like an outfit of last Tuesday!! I started writing this last Tuesday and probably have popped on two more times since then to try and write it. It`s not that its a long or detailed post I am just crazy freaking busy with school. Like I am freaking out!!! Why did I take so many classes?? Every moment that I am not studying I get all anxious because I know I have a huge pile of studying left!!! Bahhh I can not wait til this semester is over!! Oh wait....yes yes I can because next semester I need to juggle this amount of classes plus go back to work!!! But I`m not going to think about that until I have to cause man oh man I think I may have a break down lol!! Anywho... I did a goals list at the end of June and I'd say that most of it probably didn't get finished. Blame it on summer?? :) Since it's the begining of the school year I thought I should probably do another to help me stay on track!! sooooo.........

♥ Don't fall behind in classes. Once I fall behind in one it's like a dominos effect!! Not good!! This last year of university is so important I need to stay FOCUSED!!
♥Be more organized!! I am SO bad for being all scattered!! It annoys me so much yet I know if I put in a little more effort I could be more organized!!
♥ONLY but Chritsmas presents!! I am on a shopping ban for anything that is not  present for someone else!! I always go all out and this is my first year not working so I need to make my money strecth!!
♥breath!! I always get so caught up in silly things. I need to remeber that I need to accept that I can not control everything!! Some things are just out of our control and there is no point in stressing out about it because it`s not going to solve anything!!! (this is a hard one!! I get the worst panick attacks about stupid stuff!!)

                                ♥White Peasant top from Smart Set
                                ♥Jean Shorts from Sirens
                                ♥Whishbone necklace from Macys



Hunter87 said...

Best of luck to you doll!

Anonymous said...

You should do a room/house tour! Good luck in all of your classes, sounds like you are taking some hard ones.

Rosamond Kim said...

That is super cute! Good luck on your studies!

Christina said...

Good luck with your schooling lady. Love the top by the way


Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

love your shirt!♥ and thanks for stopping by at my blog , im sooo new at this LOL :) xoxo