Friday, 15 April 2011

Pretty in Pink

Hello my loves <3
Today I went downtown shopping!! YAY! I love shopping. I honestly think I'm addicted. When I go into a store it justs makes me feel really happy and bubbley. That sounds kinda sad lol. But it's true! I can spend hours at the mall trying to find the perfect items. I get SO excited when I find something that is exactly what I was looking for! And today was a good shopping day :) So here's what I got:

                                                               From left to right:
                                        Pink Lacey Floral blouse: Sirens $18
                               Pink Floral Halter: Sirens Regular $20 on sale for $10 :)
                                Off the Shoulder Sweater: Urban Behaviour on sale for $15
                                          Pink Lacey Headband: Forever21 $4
                                               Black Floral Shorts: Forever21 $18
I was pretty pleased with my purchases! I think next time I need to try to get something other then pink and floral though lol!! I find I'm always buying pink around spring time though!



augustalolita said...

omg!! i absolutely have the same addiction as you and feel exactly the same way hahaha!! i love it though and i love your new items, perfect for spring!!!

LaVitaChristina said...

you got some great deals!!! xoxo love pink

Indigo said...

what an awesome purchase! I love those shorts xxx

mmbear said...

Hello! I am a new follower thru GFC and I love the theme of your blog with all the flowers. I am partial to pink and pastels, they are so calming. I would greatly appreciate a follow back however way you choose. I did not know I would need Facebook & Twitter followers along with GFC followers to my blog before I would be considered for reviews. I had only concentrated on the GFC followers so any help is better than none. If you need me to help you other than GFC and consider it done. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

great buys!!!

Yannick said...

Hello :)
wow,wow,wow :D you have a great blog!!!
i really like it!
im new follower of you! :))

follow me back?!

KatXoXo said...

augustalolita-I love it too(though my bank account doesn't lol)!! ♥
LaVitaChristina-Pinks my fave!! ♥
Indigo-Thanks! I`ve been searching for shorts like these for SO long!! ♥
mmbear-Thanks for the follow :) What do you need twitter and facebook for... ♥
beauty addict-Thanks love ♥
Yannick-Thanks! Of course!!