Friday, 22 April 2011

Obsession of the Week

Hey Dolls <3
I am going to try and start a weekly Obsession of the Week. (let`s see if I actually stick to it unlike my challenge lol) I will post what I have been obsessed with the most that week not just makeup or fashion just anything in general.Okay :) So this weeks obsession is EBAY!!
Yes Ebay! I`m new to online shopping... I`ve always been scared to purchase things without seeing them first but man there is so much great stuff online that I just had to give it a try!! A month ago I made my first ebay purchase and pretty sure I`m hooked!!

This week I have been purchasing a bunch of nail stuff like different nail fimos (is that how you say it) and stickers, etc. Just a bunch of fun stuff I can mess around with :) And how can you go wrong when at most stuff costs $3 including shipping!! I`ve also been browsing the purses but know my bf will kill me of I buy another purse! I wish you could tell the mail man to come back later if you see my bf`s car in the driveway hehe!!!
Do you like finding deals on ebay? Or using it in general?



FOREVER '92 said...

I actually just made an ebay account a few weeks ago, I'm new to online purchasing too. Not sure what I'm going to buy I've just been browsing.

Hope you post manis you make with your new nail art goodies ^_^

Charlotte Sparkle said...

I can see why this is an obsession, i surrended my ebay and paypal account to my wife to stop me buying stuff all the time.

SimplyHeather said...

I've never shopped online. I made an account on Ebay a week ago, and didn't know how it worked so i started going crazy bidding on things lol and winning. then i deleted my account. Which now I realize these poor people are waiting for me to pay.. But I didn't know any better. Oh well

Silence is Loud said...

im addicted to ebay too!!! some people call it evilbay. hahaha

Fé... said...

I can't help but commenting on your header picture! I really really love it! Very lovely picture!

Jelena ~ said...

Thats cute! I love ebay, i bought my new iphone case and am waiting for it (✿◠‿◠)

Sara ♥'s ... said...

Omg i'm such an ebay addict is crazy lol! I think 99.9% of my nail stuff is from there lol! =P
And I love fimos!! They'r sooo much fun to play around with! You'l enjoy them =)

Erica Belle said...

I like getting things on Ebay that I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. I got a really nice vintage vanity set that I remember having as a child and ended up losing, so I was very pleased to find a replacement on ebay!

Monique said...

I love ebay!!

Monique xx

KatXoXo said...

forever'92-I made mine years ago but never used it till now. I will def put up posts :)
CharlotteSparkle-lol that's funny! I need to do that with my credit cards!!
SimplyHeather-LOL oh no!! I'm sure they can just re-post them to someone else.That's funny!
SilenceIsLoud-I can see why! It doesn't feel like I'm spending real money!!
Fe-Awww thank you so much!!
Jelena-That`s the bad thing about online shopping....waiting for your stuff sucks!
Sara-They have such great nail stuff on there!! I can`t wait!
EricaBelle-I know there is such unique stuff on there! I love it!!
Monique-Me too!!

Christine Iversen said...

i LOVE Ebay, i shop there all the time :)

Xoxo Christine