Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hello Everyone <3
How are you all? Did you have a lovely Easter? And a great long weekend? I had a fantastic family filled weekend. Lots of great food and even nice weather :) On Saturday the weather was finaly warm enough for some much needed tanning which was so nice! On Friday I had my uncle and aunt over with their children and we had a big ham dinner and decorated cupcakes. On Sunday we had a little "easter egg hunt". I didn't hide Ava's stuff because she's 3 months old and obviously can't find her stuff lol. But it was fine to have it all nice and set up for her! And my mom hid a bunch of stuff for me and my sister and pretended it was the Easter bunny. Yes, I am 21 with my own baby and still have to hunt for my Easter treats!! I have some pics from our weekend for you all :)

Decorating Easter eggs!!
                                                   We decorated large Easter eggs also!!

My mom made a great breakfast!!
Ava's presents from the Easter bunny!!
She wasn't all that interested in them lol!!
Me, my sister, and Grants Easter baskets!!
                                                       The Easter bunny spoiled me!!

   Happy Easter everyone!! I will do a more detailed post of all my goodies tomorow!!



Nevena Drazic said...

Cute blog, your pictures are awesome :D

Persa said...

Happy Easter to you and your family <3

Kisses from new subbie:

SimplyHeather said...

I'm glad you had a fun and eventful Easter!! Love the pictures! Just looking at them makes me see the fun you had!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, its very cute! Your house looks very nicely decorated, you should post a tour! Your daughter also looks adorable, I have a daughter too and would love to see some of your favorite outfits for her! How did you get into blogging, do your friends blog?

LittleMissSparkles said...

Awww cute! Happy easter, I hope you and your family had a wonderful time :D

Also I have given you a Liebster blog award :) coz I love your blog...go check it out on my page.


Mi Muffin said...

I would love to fine these eggs hidden in my garden, they are soo pretty and oh scrummy and delicious. What a fun and fantastic Easter you had. And and bubba soo cute x

KatXoXo said...

NevenaDrazic-Thank you ♥
Persa-Thanks hun! Happy Easter to you as well!! ♥
SimplyHeather-Thank you! I did have a good weekend! Hope yours was good as well ♥
Anonymous-Why thank you! I will def put up her outfits!! She has a billion lol. No one I know does blog I actually stumbled upon blogging in January when I was googleing nail art pics and they were off of blogs and I was hooked!! I love writing my blog and I love reading everyone elses!! Do you have a blog?? ♥
LittleMissSparkles-You just mnade my day :) Thanks you so much!!!
MiMuffin-Aww thanks love ♥

Jelena ~ said...

sorry this is late but happy easter hun! :)

FOREVER '92 said...

Awww cutie little baby! -So adorable with the little bunny ears.
Ohhh miss honey girl, you are BLESS because you do not look 21!!

..Anyways, you always leave the sweetest comments, you are such a sweetie and I am happy to see you had a great Easter weekend

KatXoXo said...

Jelena-Thanks hun you too!! ♥
Forever'92-lol thaaaank you!! I hate being 21 I feel soo old haha!! Hope you had a great Easter too ♥

Christine Iversen said...

your pictures are so cute, im so happy to hear that your easter was great :)

Xoxo Christine

SC said...

Haha! How cuuuuuute x

KatXoXo said...

Christine Iversen-Thanks girly ♥
SC-Thanks ♥