Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Silver&Gold Review

Hey Ladies! How was everyones weekend? Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days I've been busy with my family. Since I've stopped workingit seems like the days have been flying by! I thought this year would go by so slow but it's the complete opposite! Guess that happens as you get older??

Anyways...Shoppers was having A sale a few weeks ago on Nicole by OPI polishes for $6. I've been looking for a good silver and gold polish for so long so when I spotted these two I knew I had to have them! They were so pretty and sparkly in the bottle! The gold is called "The Next CEO" and the silver is "Give Me the 1st Dance"(by Justin Bieber LOL) You definetely need to see these two in real life because the pics just do not do it justice!

                                                        "Give Me the 1st Dance"
I've never tried Nicole by OPI before but I think I like it better then the regular OPI line! The texture seems a little thicker so it's not at all streaky! And since it's thicker One thick coat is all you need! This polish is everything a polish should be...it goes on easily, it's not hard to remove and does leave yucky glitter everywhere and it goes on your nails exactly how it looks in the bottle without having to do ten coats! Love it!

"The Next CEO"
I've been searching for a good gold for so long and am very impressed with this one! I've tried a few golds before and you always have to do so many coats! This one you can get away with doing one but I think it looks perfect with two!These polishes also have the new "perfect stroke brush" which I personaly think every nail polish should have. It's shaped more like your nail so you don't have all the cleanup after(well not as much)

Overall I can not wait to try more shades of the Nicole line! There's a few shades I already have my eye on!
Have you tried Nicole by OPI before? Did you love it as much as I did?




Joanna Louise said...

Both the silver and the gold looks amazing. I haven't tried the line before but it's not available in my country unfortunately : ( x x

KatXoXo said...

Thank you :) That sucks...I hate how things aren't available everywhere!