Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shopping Fail

Hello Ladies!
Today me and Ava headed downtown to do some shopping with my mom and my sister. I was excited because there was so much pretty stuff online that I wanted that I was hoping to be in-store. Don't you just hate how when you have money you can't find anything nice and when your broke you want everything? I had a few gift cards that I had to use up so I had to settle for stuff that I didn't particularly LOVE. Which I hate because it more then likely means it will sit in my closet for a few years before I throw it away. Blah! I did however find these cute little items so the day wasn't a complete fail !

This cute cream colored butterfly hair piece! On sale for only $2!
These darling spring colored bangles from H&M! I love them so much they are the perfect colors! These are going to be on my arm all summer!

I am loving the beautiful cream colors that are in this season! What are you loving right now?


Erica Belle said...

I love hair accessories! I used to wear a lot of really cute rhinestone pieces.
The bangles are cute too!

We don't have a H&M near me, which sucks. Sometimes they have some nice stuff!

SweetLikeJelly said...

Love that butterfly!

Anonymous said...

ooh i love these, so cute and pretty!

thanks for following me too, love your blog, so i'm a new follower :)

KatXoXo said...

Erica- that sucks that you don't have H&M they have such great stuff for such great prices!
SweetlikeJelly-Thanks :)
Prettywonderful-Thank you! Your blog is so cute too! Thanks for following!