Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Weekly Update❤❤

Hey loves❤❤
Do not ask me why but I have been coming up with  "weekly post " ideas lately. Pretty soon I will have started so many that I run out of days of the week! But this week I thought I would start a new weekly post called  "Weekly Update " which is basically my week in photos. I have seen some people with weekly Instagram pictures but I really do not post all that much on Instagram so this will be more in-depth! Hope you enjoy :)

Ava got a art aisle for her birthday and she has been painting up a storm all week!
I always put this out when I am doing something in the kitchen!

                                  This year Ava was old enough to do a Easter egg hunt!
                        It was very fun to do the hunt with her, now I need to find somewhere
                               to hide the candy where she will not be able to find!!
Miss Austyn is growing like a weed! It amazes me how much babies grow
so much in the first year of their life! She is smiling so much
lately and stating awake more and more during the day :)
 We did a lot of hanging out this week.
I was hoping the rain would hold off so we could go on
our walks but no such luck :(
                        The girls and I in our Easter dresses ready to go to family dinner!

                        I have been working on sewing something cute while I nurse Austyn. 
                                                   Can you guess what I'm making? 

                Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!


Shopping Lady said...

You and your girls are beautiful *.*!


Shikha S said...

awwwwhh so adorable