Monday, 28 April 2014

China Glaze Strike a Rose❤

Hello my loves
Happy Monday dears, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Maybe someone had some good weather?  We most certainly did not here in Vancouver; one minute it is raining and the next it is sunny! Such a tease! I am dying to take the girls to the beach but it would be such a waste if I drove 45 minutes for it to pour on us....

Anywho onto the nail polish! Today I am sharing one of my newest favourite nail polishes from the China Glaze City Flourish Collection for Spring 2014! I loved a lot of colors from this collection but only picked up two (although I am still tempted to pick up more!) This is definitely my favourite from the collection!

This polish came as a surprise to me because when I looked up swatches it had more of a orange undertone to it. However this is a full on bright pink rose color. I am head over heals in love with this!
The formula on this is a pink cream with a very fine milled glimmer running through it. Not quiet a shimmer. not quiet a glitter so I am going with glimmer :)
This nail polish is one of my favourite China Glazes...I do not have anything
quiet like it in my collection which is always a plus for me!
This dries super fast and glossy and has an average drying time.
I would without a doubt say this is a must have!!
Would I Re-purchase? Absolutely!
Price: $6 from Sally Beauty Supply


Vicky said...

Gorgeous colour! Perfect for Summer xx

Rinako Camellia said...

The color is perfect! ^^


Beauty Unearthly said...

i love those pinks :) very pretty !! xx

Jenny said...

This is such a pretty colour I love it <3
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Erica D said...

Gorgeous color, that pink will never go out of style!


Elizabeth Lissie said...

beautiful color)

Clau said...

This is a beautiful color :)
I like to use pink like this with hot weather!