Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I on Beauty Makeup Brushes

Hey dollies ❤❤

 Last Mothers day Grant surprised me by going to Marshalls and trying to pick out a bunch of girly gifts for me. It was so cute and I always love when he does stuff like that. One of the items I received was a brush set by I on Beauty.

                         This set includes 10 brushes and a roll up case to keep them in.
The first brush is the Angle shadow brush. This brush was not my favorite for eyeshadow. I believe this is what most companies would call an eyeliner brush not as much for actual eyeshadow. I just use it for under my eyebrow because it doesn't need to be super precise.
The Angle Blusher brush is very nice and soft. It is quiet large and this set does not include a smaller blush brush. I really love this for a soft blush. When I am using a dark or very bright color I would use something smaller so it was easier to apply.

The eyeliner brush is a fail for me... The bristles are too long and they just bend over when trying to make a straight line. 

I quiet enjoyed the foundation brush. I am not too picky about foundation brushes however. This was easy to use and blended in my foundation beautifully!
I do not often contour but when I do this is great! It is very nicely cut and has held up very well. I have also used this for eye shadow on many occasions.
                                               Just a standard eye brow comb and brush.
This came with a smudge and sponge brush which I do not usually use. But they are nice to have just in case.....
The powder brush is SO soft! I kind of like to use a stipple brush for my powder but this is nice when I want to switch things up...

Overall I really love these brushes. They are decent quality and they are very inexpensive. I believe they were about $20 at Marshalls. You can also find the $17 on Amazon !

                                                              Would I Repurchase? YES!
                                                                         Price: $17-$20 online or Marshalls



Beauty Unearthly said...

Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing..:-)

Erica D said...

Those brushes look like great quality! My hubby would have no idea what to pick out when it comes to makeup lol


Wendy said...

Sweet that he gave that to you! I still have to buy something like that. Thanks for sharing!


Bisma Rauf said...

Wow..they look nice :)

RetroStreetStation said...

great post!
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