Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014

Hey Loves ❤❤
This holiday season was really a great one. The only exception was everyone getting sick the weak of Christmas. But none the less we were able to still go visit everyone and got to do all of our Christmas activities! I love Christmas Eve and how my mom, sister, and grandma stay over night and we just hang out and watch Christmas movies and get everything ready for Ava in the morning!! I've been seeing everyone's posts on what they got for Christmas and wanted to do my own. On boxing day me and my friends always compare what everyone got. I love seeing what everyone else got and think it is very fun for everyone else to see :)

Me and my family definitely go above and beyond. Me and my sister decided next year needs a limit because we always try to get everyone the same amount but then we always feel someone has more so we keep getting more and more so it is crazy!

Here is what I got from all my lovely friends and family (WARNING picture heavy!!):

                                                            Christmas bowl set
                                                                     Sega!! YAY!!
                                                           1 Cotton scarf and 1 knit scarf
                                Seacret Nail Set including lotion, cuticle oil, nail file, and buffer.
                                                           The cutest oven mittens ever!!
                                             Some frames so I can start a frame collage
                            Stila In the Light Palette and Benefit Rockateur Blush
                                                                        Sweater Dress
                                                            Polka Dot Face Clothes
                                          Victoria Secret Bralet (My First Bralet isn't it cute?!)
                                                             American Eagle Floral Flats
                                                                        Boots Socks
                                                           Pearl Stud Earrings and Necklace
Photo Album
                                                                     Argyle Sweater
Michael Kors Nail Polish and Lipgloss Set
Butterfly Mini Trunk
Hat Box
Black Suede Over the Knee Boots
Black Frame
                                                                      Back of Vest
                                                                        Front of Vest
                                                                       Knitt Sweater
    B&BW Candles in Twisted Peppermint, Champaign, Peach Cranberry Bellini, and Peach Bellini!
                                                      SeaCret Body butter and Scrub set
                                                                          New Brush
                                                              Army green knit zip up
                                                Ciate Tree Trinkets mini nail polish set
                                                        The Body Shop lip butter set
                                                                Bootlegger Knitt Zip up
                                                                 Cute Starbucks mug
                                      Black and gold sequence flats and new protection spray
                      Coco lime body lotion, Amber Blush body lotion, and Vanilla hand cream
                                                                         Flower Frame
                                                                Pink boyfriend sweater
                                                              Mac Holiday brush set
                                                                  Purple Glitter Dress

     What did you all get? Hope you all had a great holidays :)


Ginger said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. I love the sweater dress and AE flats.

Becki Vieira said...

Really cute, I did one of these posts the other day! Such fun to write and properly think about what you got! You got some lovely things!


EatingGlitter said...

I love it all! I'm especially jealous of the Sega, that brings back memories! Lol x

One day in my high heels said...

amazing things!!!
Would you like to follow each other with GFC?
Please let me know on our blog so we can follow back!Thank you:)

KarenD said...

The floral flats are the cutest!

Kato Pandorah's Box said...

Wow you got awesome stuff! Isn't Christmas the best? :P

I got a bunch of stuff too, but my boyfriend got me perfect Frye boots! I was so excited!

Hola Bambi said...

Wow you got loads xx