Friday, 25 October 2013

Book Review: Poor Little Bitch Girl

Hey dolls ❤❤
Today I wanted to discuss a book I recently read while I took a 10 hour road trip! I did not have to do any driving (because according to my boyfriend I am a crazy driver) so I got to read this the whole time.

                                                     Poor Little Bitch Girl
                                      By: Jackie Collins
I bought this and a few other books about two years ago because I would read at night when my daughter would wake up in the middle of the night. When she began sleeping through the night this sat in my closet untouched until now.

This novel is based on a group of rich mid-twenty something's who all attended a prestigious school when they were younger. Now all living in separate cities each character shares their story on the recent murder of Gemma Castro.  Each chapter is told by a separate character which gives a good variety of points of view. Annabelle Castro starts off as the main character and shares her experience as a neglected daughter of two Hollywood movie stars. To try and start a new life she lives in New York where her and her boyfriend run a high end call girl service. Bobby also lives in New York running a club with his best friend. Even though Annabelle's boyfriend is good friends with Bobby she has a growing  crush on him that she hopes one day becomes a reality. Caroline is the only character that lives completely separate from the rest of the group, in Washington. Her story is very mysterious but when she gets kidnapped she brings her best friend to Washington to come and look for her. Denver starts off as a small character in the story but her role becomes greater throughout and by the end she is the main character. She struggles with a balance between love and work and she has a bit of a twist ending!

I was by no means expecting a serious and challenging novel when I picked this out. It was only meant to help keep me awake in the wee hours but when I read this it felt like it was written for an elementary school level. Every situation or thought was over explained numerous times to the point where it felt like the author was just trying to fill the pages. I thought that the story line was interesting but a little over exaggerated. It kept me intrigued enough to finish the book but I would not purchase a book by this author again. There was often times when I felt like it was my grandmother trying to be 'edgy' or 'in style' by using certain language or scenarios. I just did not feel like it was a realistic even to the rich and famous lives that some people have.

            Have any of you read a book by Jackie Collins?
                                                 Were you impressed?



Shari Alexa said...

ohhh from looking at the cover i thought this was a gossip girl-ish chick flick.

ooohh i didnt know it was a murder mystery. too bad it was only intellectually on the elementary level. :/

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Milica Petrović said...

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Kato Pandorah's Box said...

I'll have to pick it up, thanks for the review!

RetroStreetStation said...

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Aleena said...

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Ann said...

Sounds like a really interesting read
I'm hooked already just reading your review.

Erica Boselli said...

wow, I don't know if there is the a translation of this book in Italian. I hope there is because I really like the story, even the cover!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Hmm your description of how it is written reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey - absolutely HATE how the author seems to have written it with a thesaurus in hand!

KatXoXo said...

@Shari Alexa-
It is like a mix of mystery and chick flick lol!! Thanks dear :)
@Milica Petrovic-
No problem dear you deserve it!
Don't do it girl!!
Thank you dear :)
Thanks dear!! I will definitely follow back :)
Would love to!
No problem hun, thanks hun!
It was definitely interesting!
@Erica Bosseli-
I am not sure if it comes in Italian..I will have to check that out!
LOL Really!! I bought that book but I never ended up reading it. Hmmm......maybe I will have to skip that one too!!