Monday, 22 April 2013

The Balm Haul

Hey Beauties ❤❤
Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!! Today I wanted to share a few things that I recently ordered off of Hautelook. Back in September I ordered The Balm's Nude Tude palette from Hautelook and have been obsessed with it ever since!! So when I saw that they were on there again I wanted to order some more products. Here is what I ordered.

3 Blush/ Eyeshadows

                                                                    Hot Mamma
                     A gorgeous pink with a peach sheen to it. So pretty for a night out!!

Down Boy
A dust rose mauve blush with a matte finish. 
Frat Boy
A very nice dolly pink. It looks like it has a hint of sheen in the pan but does not transfer onto the skin. 
                                            3 Eyeshadow Palettes that came with 9 shadows each.
Shady Lady Vol. 1
This has 9 huge eyeshadows all in very usable colors. I prefer this palette to Vol.3 because all the colors are so usable!! I love using the top row 2nd & 3rd shadow together for an everyday look!!
                                                                     Shady Lady Vol.3
All the shadows in the Shady Lady palettes are all shimmer. They have a little bit more sheen to them than the Nude Tude palette but are still very workable. 
Meet Matte Nude
These shadows are HUGE!! You can never have to much of a matte eyeshadow!!
I am very happy with everything I bought!! I love all the blushes and palettes. I think I could have done without Shady Lady Vol.3 but I will obviously still get a lot of use out of it!!

My experience with Hautelook......
I have very good and not so good things about my experience. The good point of my experience was their Live chat customer service. Hautelooks flash sales can sell out fast and you can only keep something in your basket for 15 minutes, so when you need a question answered you need it right away. Well I was able to talk to someone and get it figured out in just a few minutes!! That is a feature that I wish all online stores had!!

The bad....International charges. I understand that some companies do charge international fees since I am in Canada (why some do and some don`t I do not understand...) BUT this is something that should be applied with your receipt at the time of transaction. If you are going to charge me $20 extra do not send me another receipt two weeks later. Also both times I have ordered off Hautelook it has taken just over a month for me to receive it........ Really?? Anyways that is my little  rant for the day!!

                      What is your favorite Balm product??



Janine G. said...

I love The Balm. Bahama mama is my Fav. Product.

Chantal Halley said...

$20 shipping?!? Wow that's a lot! I don't get why some charge so much to ship to Canada when everything costs less in the states.

KatXoXo said...

@ Janine G.- I have to try Bahama Mama!! It's on my list lol!!

@Chantal Halley- Shipping was $9 I believe...the $20 was just a fee for being in Canada lol!! That's what I don't understand!! I was thinking it was maybe the border/duty fees but they sent me the reciept for the extra fee before it even shipped. It so annoying all these extra fees just for being in Canada!!

Lindsay said...

I love that these are vintage-inspired! So cute.

Also, I have had terrible experiences with HauteLook. Everything I've ordered (except one pair of jeans) has taken forever to ship, and I think the costs are ridiculous as well. But they do have great deals, so it's hard to give it up!

Anonymous said...

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BeautyBehaved said...

(: i missed your blog girl<3
its nice to be back
thanks for the cmnt