Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Essie: Pilate Hottie

Hey Girly's 

Do you ever see someone wearing a polish and know that you HAVE to have it?! And then obsess over it until you finally find it?! This was that polish for me!! I saw someone on youtube wearing this and as soon as I noticed it my heart started to rase faster (am I crazy ??) That is how completly obsessed I am with finding those amazing holy grail nail polishes!

This polish is a nice pale purple but instead of being the normal easter-ish color it has the slightest hint of a grey undertone!! Which is what totally made this purple so unique and amazing to me. Don't get me wrong I love the popular purple that everyone seems to be wearing but this purple is very winter appropriate to me!!

For the formula I would say it is similar to most Essie's. Very opaque (2 coats) but a little on the streaky side. But definetly workable. Really I can not complain about this!!



SweetCharm said...

I love your nail^^

ps: i have three old and new post on my blog! let me comments please!!

Lea said...

Haha this is a beautiful colour. I do tend to go a bit crazy over glitters!

Lea x

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G A B Y said...

What a gorgeous shade, right up my alley! Looks like it flatters your skintone very well x

A Polished Touch said...

That really is a gorgeous smokey neutral polish. I love greyed out purples like this, too. Chic, feminine and slightly edgy. Very nice!

Meera said...

This nail polish is stunning! I absolutely adore the color.

xoxo, Meera |

fran said...

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Bonjour Perfection said...

For anybody wondering if there is a dupe, I have the shade Cappucino from Barry M's range and that is very similar but for only £2.99!

BeautyShades said...

Such an elegant color. I'm going to put this one on my wish list :)

Miss Laia said...

I'm a completely Essie addicted love the colours and last forever.
Great choice.

jennie said...

I love this colour! <3

Jennie xo |

Ashii said...

You have beautiful nails! That is a gorgeous classic colour.

Kato Kaka said...

Ooooo I love that color!! It suits your nails so perfectly!

Barcelona Brunettes said...

cute color!

Barcelona Brunettes

KarenD said...

Nice color! Reminds me a little of OPI Tickle My Francey.