Tuesday, 2 October 2012

DIY: Nail Polish Spice Rack

Hey Dolls ❤❤

I know most of you probably have already seen these but I thought I would share mine anyways because I was pretty proud of myself lol!! Me and wallpaper do not get along so the fact I was able to put it on without bubbles made me pretty happy!! (maybe because it wasn`e technically REAL wallpaper!!) This is such an easy inexpensive way to make a unique nail polish rack!!

                                                   What you will need:
    1. Spice rack. I found mine at a thrift store which did
       take a few trips and looking around at different places
       because the old style shelf style spice racks are not
      as popular now a days.
      2. Wallpaper. I found mine at Dollarama for $2. You can
     check your local Wal-mart or Target but I only found
      wallpaper for $38+ and was not about to pay that!!

      3. Paint. I chose black although I think grey would have
      looked great with my wallpaper as well. I also picked this
      up at Dollarama for $1 but I know Michaels carries paint
      for not much more (plus you can always use your 50% off
      coupons for an even better deal!!)
      4. Scissora and Measuring Tape. Depending on what type of
      wallpaper you used you may need a bowl of warm water and a
      cloth as well. I used wallpaper that already has a self
      stick adhesive.

   1. Clean off your spice rack (Especially if you bought it at a thrift store like I did!!)

                               2. Paint your Spice Rack and Let dry overnight

           3. Measure the areas you would like to put wallpaper on and make
                                         outline on back of wallpaper.

    4. Cut wallpaper and apply by taking off the back or applying warm water  (dependant on what type you bought!! Read Instructions on item for exact application)

              5. Let everything dry and do any touch ups that you feel necessary.

It is SO easy guys!! You must try it if your looking for a nail polish rack!! I``m already searching for more Spice Racks so I can make more!!

If you guys have made any Nail Polish Racks please link your post down below I would love to see!!



Beauty on a College budget said...

I need to do this, but bigger, much bigger. That wouldn't even hold half my nail polishes!

-Emily- said...

I so want to make one of these!! I saw it on Pinterest. I have so much nail polish, I would probably need a few of them! I need to start checking thrift stores!

Tintin said...

That pretty decent you did a good job.

DIY...Beauty Tips said...

havent made one..but next year when i move to my own house i will make one!!! love them!!

Carrie said...

so cool!!! i actually want a storage like this. all my nail polishes are on top of my dresser and it's really annoying sometimes. :/

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olahawaii said...

Que bonito!!

Crissy B. said...

Very cute!

Patti said...

hello! i love your blog! im following you now, if you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo


Carly said...

Hey! Thanks for reading my blog...I wanted to return the favor and come check out yours! This is such a great DIY idea...I love it!!

Barcelona Brunettes said...

amazing idea! we'll try to make one :)



Ti said...

Oh, was für tolle Farben du zur Auswahl hast :) Sehr schön

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

It looks so cute love the wallpaper design!! <3

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

Btw how can i make a banner like the one you have in your blog ? Its really cute & i've been wanting to do one for mine :)

Boho Vanity said...

What a cute idea! xx

KatXoXo said...

@Beauty on A Collage Budget- Oh I know!! I need a bigger one!!
@-Emily- Yeah I need a few too!! It took a while to find this one!! Slowly I will make more lol!!
@-Tintin- Why thank you :)
@DIY....Beauty Tips- It was fun to make!! & you get to make it custom to you so that's always a plus!!
@Carrie- I knooow!! I still have some in a box and all around my house!!
@olahawaii- :)
@Crissy.B- Thanks dear!!
@Patti- Thanks for checking out my blog!! I definetly will be following as well :)
@Carly-Aww thank you!! I love DIY's!! :)
@Barcelona Brunettes- Can't wait to see yours!! :)
@Ti- Thanks love :)
@Barbara Tamez- I know I love the wallpaper!!
@Boho Vanity- Thanks :)

Kato Kaka said...

Love this!!! Only I would have to make 10 of them to hold mine!!

Great idea xoxox

Sahily Anais said...

I have never seen this before! I love the idea and you executed the project very well.

Beauty in a bottle said...

This looks fantastic!! You're so creative :)