Friday, 27 April 2012

Essence Color and Go Nail Polish

Hello Lovely Ladies ❤❤

I hope you all are having a fantatsic Friday night :) This afternoon while I was going to "get milk" I browsed the cosmetics section of the drug store and came accross a new cosmetic line called Essence. I've seen lots of blogs using there polish and have never seen them in any store. They only had a small display and it had very slim pickings so I picked up two polishes that only cost $1.49 each!! They are a little small but bigger then OPI mini's so it is not too bad and for under two dollars who really cares? I checked out there website as well and there is lots of products I am dying to try so I hope my drugstore stocks up soon!!

              Essence Modern Romance (nude color), Essence You Belong to Me (Turquoise)
I used Moder Romance as a base color and I think that is what I am going to mainly use it for. It is very light (almost clear with a bit of glimmer) and I think it would take atleast four coats to get the color pay off that is in the bottle. I tried to do turquoise tips using scotch tape because I have run out of the little sticker things for tips. I definetly need to get more of those ASAP because it lifted the paint a lot!! Anywho as far as I can tell these polishes are decent and I would definetley be buying more and hopefully other products as well!! I also used Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat to make it shiny and beautiful :)



Marib Maqsood said...

Love the turquoise !!

KarenD said...
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KarenD said...

Essence at the grocery store? Nice find!

P.S. Not sure you're aware but your word verification is on for comments--just wanted to let you know since it can be hard to get through

SweetCharm said...

Hi shawty! I am Cecilia and i find your blog amazing! but I have a boredom. I joined Blogger for some time and I don’t have enough members! Can you join my blog please I really need it and I promises to become member of your blog also thank you!

Barbara Tamez ♥ xo said...

Omg the turquoise french mani looks SOOOO CUTE!!! <3 love it !! Xoxo

KatXoXo said...

@ Marib Maqsood- I'm obsessed with turquoise this season!! I've bought three different kinds so far and still have some on my wishlist lol ❤❤

@Karen D- That's why I always say I'm going there to grab something I need cause I can always check out the goodies!! & THANK YOU!! I did not know that was on & I hate that :) ❤❤

@Sweet Charm- Thanks for reading! I will definetly be following hun :) ❤❤

@Barbara Tamez- Thanks hun!! I thought I would try something different for a change :) ❤❤

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Kat I just awarded you over on my blog.

Francesca said...

love your nails and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Hunter87 said...

Very pretty I also like how shiny they look.

Heather said...

That shine is so pretty! Very nice nails:) I wish mine were long lol

Samantha Cheng said...

Which drug store did you get it from? I'm trying to look for a polish that's someone like Essie's Turquoise and Caocous

KatXoXo said...

@ Tiffany Life as a Southern Girl- Thank you SO much!! I can't wait to check it out :) ❤❤

@Francesca- Thank you I'm glad you like :) I will definetley check you blog out! ❤❤

@Hunter87- me too!! I don't usually use topcoat because I change my nails so often but I love how shiny it made it so I think I may just start!! ❤❤

@Heather- Aww thank you!! Really I don't think mine are that long. I have been trying to grow them longer for a few years and this is the longest they will go!! ❤❤

@Samantha Cheng- I got it at Shoppers Drug Mart. If you check the Essence website it has a list of everywhere they sell them. They aren't selling online yet :( ❤❤

Maryam Maquillage said...

lovely mani!! i love a colorful french :)))

KarenD said...

Thanks for getting rid of the word verification! My eyes are happy now. :)

Jenn said...

this is so cute, perfect colour for spring :) x