Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back 2 School Mini Giveaway

Hey Girlys <3
I am doing a mini-giveaway for back2 school!! I wanted to do a larger giveaway for this one but did not find everything I was looking for so I will split it up and do one mini one now and another in a little while!! :) :)

                                               What you can win:
                                        ♥ Elf Lipstain in Bombshell
                                        Goldie Nail polish in Hot Pink
                                        Elf Nail polish in Bubblegum Pink
                                         Spa Resource  body butter in  Mango 
                                          NYX  Ultra Pearl in Lilac Pearl 
                                        NYX Ultra Pearl in Walnut Pearl
                                        ♥ And a cute Paris Journal

This giveaway is open internationaly! You do not have to have a blog to enter (just be a public follower) The giveaway will close October 1st 12am. Now..how to enter:

                                       ♥Follow my blog publicly (+1)
                                       ♥blog about my giveaway (+1)
                                       ♥ put my giveaway on your sidebar (using the above picture) (+2)
                                       ♥'like' my facebook page by clicking here  (+1)

 So you can get up to 5 entries in all. Good luck!!  



Nicole - Top To Toe said...

aw lovely giveaway, thankyou.
I follow as nicole top to toe and my email is urbandecayqueen@hotmail.com x

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Nice giveaway :)

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Hunter87 said...

Very cute giveaway!!
I follow ur blog
blog name :http://hunter87-mypursuitofhappiness.blogspot.com
name :Jazmin Hunter

Shaimaa said...

So cute
♥GFC: Shaimaa
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Irina said...

This is a really sweet and lovely giveaway!
I follow via GFC as irina
I follow on facebook as irina istrate
I blogged about it http://crazy-for-giveaways.blogspot.com/2011/09/peace-love-fashion-giveaway.html

aMz88 said...

what a cute giveaway :">
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*Email: amz88blog(at)g m a i l (dot)com
*Posted about it in my page:
*Placed it on my sidebar
*Liked ur fb as aimee kheer

thank you :D

glimmo said...

GFC: glimmo

email: fatimagill@live.com

facebook name: Fatema Gill

blogpost: http://blogger-giveaways.blogspot.com/2011/09/peace-love-fashion-xoxo-giveaway.html

MiLulu said...

LIked you on FB:Olesia Flegka

preciouspearl said...

Nice giveaway!!

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martimi said...

GFC: Chancha
Email: sababien@gmail.com
Thank you :)

?E said...

email: eeiahw@hotmail.com

i love the notebook! it totally caught my attention!! (: <3


LeighFreda. said...

Lovely giveaway :)

I follow your blog via GFC: Leigh Freda

I like your Facebook page: Leigh Freda

my email is leighfreda@gmail.com

Sasa skocir said...

I follow you :) sasa skocir ! thank you !

Thakitty said...

Enter me please!
GFC: Thakitty
e-mail: thakitty[@]gmail[.]com


Comme3Pommes said...

New follower here :)
Would love a chance to win!!
GFC: Comme3pommes
FB: Mindy Mal...
email: ohhhcomme3pommes @gmail .com


Outshiner said...

New follower here, hope to win this lovely giveaway ^^

G.F.C: Outshiner
[Liked your Facebook fan page] Facebook: www.facebook.com.samataqi
E-mail: sama_berries@hotmail.com

Jel ♡ said...

♥ GFC: Jel
♥ blog: http://fashionandbeautynoobie.tumblr.com/post/9951746643/back-2-school-mini-giveaway
♥ sidebar: http://fashionandbeautynoobie.tumblr.com/
♥ FB Name: Maggy Diaz Oro

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Caroline said...

I love your giveaway so much! ♥

GFC name: Caroline
My blog post: http://carolinethecat.blogspot.com/2011/09/cute-giveaway.html
I also put the picture to sidebar on the same blog.
My email is charlotte.mikkonen@seznam.cz

Alice said...

Lovely giveaway!
I follow as Alice,
and my email is aliceboullin@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

lovely giveaway :)
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MiMi said...

Super cute site and what an awesome giveaway! yay!
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fb: mia richmond

Natasha Areena said...

It's a Back 2 school giveaway!! Yay,awesome! Thank you :>
-GFC follower : Natasha Areena
-Liked Facebook : Natasha Areena

Sweet As Honey Blog said...

Great giveaway!

GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog
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Anonymous said...

enter me please..it's such a cute giveaway ;)

GFC: Nia Hath
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FB Name: Oana Nia

chimcheree said...

such a cute idea

MSodapop said...

Cute giveaway!

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Facebook: Msodapop Myserenity

Blog post: http://msodapop.blogspot.com/2011/05/peacelovefashionxoxo-back-2-school.html

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|+~猪猪~+| said...

GFC - Irene
Email - ireneyeow_0726@hotmail.com
Facebook - Irene Yeow


Sarah said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!

GFC: Sarah Crawford
Face book: Sarah Crawford


Nóra said...

FB:Nora Piros

thanks <3

OohLadyBeGood said...

GFC: oohladybegood
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FB: oohladybegood

thanks =)

Anonymous said...

GFC: Ruth
Email: ruth.gistelinck@hotmail.com

I like your FB page: Ruth Gistelinck

Thanks!! xx

JustAnAngel said...

Great giveaway!
GFC: JustAnAngel
Facebook: Alina Vrinceanu
mail: disguised.marionette[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello :)

♥My GFC Name is Kristine
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♥ sidebar: http://kristinefashionkingdom.blogspot.com
♥I like your facebook page as Kiks Kuricová

Anonymous said...

and my email: x_kikush_x@azet.sk

marilena maftei said...

Hello thank you for the giveaway!
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SweetShenanigans said...

GFC: SweetShenanigans
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blog post: http://sweetsugaryshenanigans.blogspot.com/2011/09/peacelove-back-2-school-mini-giveaway.html
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FB liked as Swee Shenaniga

nadox said...

>GFC : Nadox
>blog :http://nadox-yellowbaby.blogspot.com/2011/09/click-here-to-enter.html
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Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

What a cute giveaway! :)

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Facebook : Stavroula Plag
I also posted about it here : http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com/p/giveaways.html

Thank you!! :)

Lita said...

Lovely giveaway ^^
I follow you as: Litaa
And email: Litas93@hotmail.com

Maryen said...


Nice giveaway!

Gfc name: Maryen
Liked your facebook page: Annamaria Adancsek
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Renii said...


GFC: Renii
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For the sake of Giveaways said...

GFC: Patricia Colucci
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nikusz90 said...

GFC: nikusz90
E-mail: nikusz90@freemail.hu
Facebook: Nikolett Papp
Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Jel ♡ said...

im a blog follower =)
GFC: Jel

blogged: http://mynameisjel.tumblr.com/post/10444698079/back-2-school-mini-giveaway

sidebar post at http://mynameisjel.tumblr.com

im an FB fan :)
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punkme15 at gmail dot com

Melcsi said...

GFC: Melcsi
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Netti said...

Hi! :)
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Felizia said...

GFC: Felizia
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Thanks! :)

arra said...

Nice giveaway :)

GFC: arra
Liked you on facebook as Arra Morta
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Thank you1

jessnghc said...

Email: m_7639@hotmail.com
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FB; Jess Ng



Sadi said...

What a lovely and cute giveaway !!!

GFC: Sadi

I like' facebook page as Sadia Latif

email : sadia.latif10@gmail.com

baobeimonv said...

Facebook:Felicia ng
Thanks your giveaway~

PpZflame said...

Thanks!Kisses from Spain. =)

Anonymous said...

Followed your blog publicly via gfc gb demure (archized)
> blog post about it:


> sidebar pic :

> liked' your facebook page as : Elixir petrichor

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marybelle said...

Fabulous giveaway thank you!!

I follow: Mary Preston

LIKE FB: Mary Preston


lisstells said...

Great giveaway, would love to win

GFC: Stella Lis
blogpost: http://lisstells.blogspot.com/2011/09/back-2-school-mini-giveaway.html
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Luiza said...

GFC: Luiza M
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berry'n'cheese said...

♥Follow your blog publicly : berry'n'cheese
♥blogged about your giveaway here : http://give-a-way-cadeau.blogspot.com/2011/09/giveaway-ends-on-1st-of-october-2011.html
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Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway I am keeping my fingers crossed :D

Anonymous said...

I follow you via GFC with the name: Adela

I liked your Facebook page with the name Delline Adela


bambaki83 said...

Hi from Spain!!

Enter me please ^_^

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I liked your facebook page as Miriam Rivas

I have the public profile. but these days blogger is giving me problems and change it to private, please do not disqualify me, I can send a screenshot or something.


Lyudmila said...

GFC follower - Lyudmila
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All entries: 3

kritika.m1 said...

Hey, thats an awesome giveaway! Count me in.

Follow your blog. Its on my blog sidebar. And liked your facebook page.


martazet21 said...

Please enter me!
GFC: martazet21
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Mango said...

i love ur giveawayyy
*GFC: mango
*Email: loayza.janet@gmail.com
*Posted ur giveaway in my blog
*Placed it on my sidebar (footbar)
*Liked ur fb as princess janice

thanks 4 the chance to win :)


Global Giveaways said...

Follow you on GFC.

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Lynd said...

Follow via GFC as Lynd
Like your fb page as Linda Gr

doroffee said...

Hi! I follow you as doroffee :).
Via fb, I follow you as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi.


Szappanbubi said...

Your giveaway is as cute as you're to sharing all of this with us ^_*

I'm your GFC follower: Szappanbubi
liked your FB : Szabina Luzics :)

email: szamo89 at freemail dot hu

Bruna said...

GFC: Bruna Oliveira
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lovelly template!

Marina said...

I am following you on gfc as Marina D.

And on facebook as Marina M.B.

I love that cute Paris notebook!

isollea at gmail dot com