Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Fall Clothing Wishlist!!

Hey Dolls <3
How have you all been? I went on a final "camping" (in a hotel? does that count as camping lol) trip this week!! I was going to do a post on Sunday before I left but I was busy packing mine and Ava's bags (2 girls gone for one week require a lot of stuff!!) Anyways when I got back I had an hour to kill inbetween appointments so I decided to pop into Sirens and 'browse'. I've been spending money like CRAZY lately so I'm trying not to spend any money so all I actualy bought was a nude nail polish (exciting right?!) Anyways they had all their new fall stuff out and oh my I have got the biggest wishlist for their store now!! I wanted to do this post with items right of their site but apperently they only have this lame little 'online catolouge'. (how silly is that?) So I searched a few sites and found just as great stuff!! These items make the fact that summer is coming to an end a little less bitter!!

                                         Rust Skinny Jeans $29.90 @ Forever 21

                                           Grey patterned Sweater $69 @ Urban Outfitters

                           Mustard colored Sweaters $13.50 @ Forever 21

Print Sweater Dress $21.80 @ Forever 21

                              Red Flannel Shirt $17.50 @ Forever 21

What are all your 'must haves' this fall?? I can't wait to see some great Fall hauls!!


PopBlush said...

I love that mustard colored sweater~!

Hunter87 said...

Very nice picks for the fall!

BeautyBehaved said...

dopeee ass wishlist!
AHHH i want a sweater dress so bad & im digggin the mustard sweater its a nice fall color

<3 BB

Anonymous said...

Echt leuk!!